What to Know About the Closed Loop Water System

December 14, 2022 by No Comments

If you are in a part of the nation that is facing issues with limited water, or if you just wish to be able to become more water-independent, a closed loop water system may be just what you need. Closed loop water systems allow people to reuse water, saving people money, in addition to preventing any water from going to waste. The more water saved, the more you can save.

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In terms of everyday benefits, a closed loop water system saves excess water used in the wash and rinse cycles. It also retains and minimized overall water use for a home.
The closed loop system is not self-contained. Water will still need to come into the system, and some will go out of the system. With any washing process, water is lost. The system must be able to accommodate this gradual loss with new water, or the system will eventually run out.

An important thing to note about the system, it can only work if residual chemicals are removed with each pass of the system. The more that is able to be filtered out with each pass, the clearer the water and the more uses it can have for the home.

For additional information about the closed loop water system, please review the attached video.


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