AC Replacement Where to Begin

December 14, 2022 by No Comments

If your air conditioner is no longer working properly, it may be time to replace it. While most people will hire a contractor for the job, it is still essential to understand how to begin with AC replacement. Once understood, the process takes a few simple steps to start.

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The very first step should be to cut any power to the AC. This prevents anyone who attempts to remove the old system from shocking themselves.

If you have the proper equipment, the next step is refrigerant recovery. This is the process in which the refrigerant for the old machine is recycled and then able to be put into the new AC.

The next stage is to replace the electrical disconnect and whip. These both run from the machine and into the home. Depending on the damage from the exposure to the elements, they both may need to be replaced, however, if the damage is minimal or nonexistent, it could be possible to keep them.

From here, check to see if the old unit has sunken into the ground. Units tend to sink into the ground in the weather keeps the ground soft for too long. It may be necessary to raise up the base and add a new leveling rock underneath so the new unit does not sink as well.

For additional information about AC replacement, please review the attached video.


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