Preparing Your Roof For Harsh Weather Conditions

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Michigan and other central northern states have been hit with inches of snow this week. Most of these northern states are expected to get even more snow in the next couple of days. As the snow accumulates, people will hire snow plowing trucks and will spend hours snow shoveling their driveways. Yet, many will never consider the many inches of snow that is sitting on their roofs. Although roofs are built with strength, excessive amounts of snow can cause them to get weaker and to require repairs. Exterior house upkeep is just as important during the winter months as it is during the summer months.

Regularly inspect roofs Even when there is little to no snow, your roof needs to be regularly inspected. Heavy snow fall that melts can damage the roof over time. If a repair is needed, and you do not notice it until much later, the damage is worse and often costs much more. Roofing companies will provide season inspections for your roofing. They can complete minor repairs and notify you of any major damages that you will need to correct.

If your roof is fairly old and requires a lot of repairs, you may want to consider replacing it. Replacing the roof can lower your heat costs and can help to insulate your house better. Do your research and talk to multiple roofing companies before selecting your commercial roofing company. It is even necessary to do commercial roofing repair research before choosing your roofing repair company. Approximately 72% of homeowners say they would choose new roofing materials that require little to no maintenance. Michigan roofers are likely very familiar with repairing roofs from excessive amounts of snow accumulation.

Remove excess amounts of snow from roof and gutters A minimal amount of snow on the roof and in the gutters is perfectly fine. However, if it snows for multiple days in a row, or it stays cold for many days, not allowing the snow to fully melt, you may want to remove some of the snow form your roof. This can take some of the pressure off the roof. Also, removing the excess snow from the gutters prevents them from breaking earlier than expected. A gutter inspection can also ensure that your gutters are prepared for the winter snow.

Check all windows Just because your windows appear to be in good shape does not mean that they are. Your windows will be an important part in heating your home. If the cold air is let in through the windows, it will be much harder and more expensive to heat the home. If any of your windows have any cracks or are sealed properly, you may want to consider getting a replacement window, as soon as possible. Most roofing companies can also install replacement windows for your house.

Check the insulation in your roof and attic Even if you have decided to purchase a new roof, it is likely that you will now have to wait until the spring. Replacing a roof can be impossible during the cold, winter months, especially if you are living in the property during the roof replacement. If your roof is old and not working as properly as it should, consider adding additional insulation to your attic. This will help to keep the cold of the snow accumulation from reaching into the house.

A vast majority of homeowners (88%) across all regions of the country see the exterior of their homes as one entity and not a sum of its separate components. This way of thinking can make it difficult to complete all of the necessary, separate repairs and maintenance that are required during the fall and winter months. Preparing your home for winter weather conditions and snowfall will increase the durability and life of your roof, windows, and housing gutters. Do your research on local roofing companies for the best recommendations of roofing materials and maintenance schedules.

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