Did You Know Home Improvement Can Reduce Depression And Anxiety?

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Custom fireplace chicago

Looking for a simple and beautiful way to renovate your home? Consider looking into traditional fireplaces or cabinetry! Your home is where you go to put up your feet after a long day’s work, so when it looks lackluster it can seriously affect your good mood. Studies have even shown a shabby household can contribute to depression and disturbed sleep patterns! Thankfully, there are thousands of businesses across the country dedicated to bringing you the best in fireplaces, custom bedroom furniture, bathroom cabinets and more. Why don’t we take a look at the most popular homeowning renovation trends sweeping the nation and how you can pick up on some new interior design tips yourself.

Vanity And Cabinet Industry

Did you know the American vanity and cabinet industry makes over $20 billion every single year? Homeowners everywhere have clearly caught the renovation bug! It’s thought that this field employs over 95,000 people across nearly 9,000 businesses, working in everything from installation to repair to design work. While polishing up your home is great for morale and can give you a significant boost in your mood after a long day at work or school, there are financial benefits you can draw from as well! Even the most minor of kitchen remodels can average a return on your investment by nearly 70%.

Popular Homeowning Preferences

Everyone has their own personal tastes when it comes to designing their castle, but there are a few popular trends that have been picking up speed lately! There have been countless surveys conducted to find out which products or renovations have inspired them the most — the majority of respondents to a 2013 survey, for example, have said they want to remodel their kitchens to improve their overall look and feel. Another survey saw the vast majority of homeowners preferring soft and neutral colors in their kitchen and dining room spaces! If you’re looking to add appliances that are both functional and beautiful, consider leaning toward sustainable products and stainless steel.

Figuring Out Your Budget

So, you’re considering perusing the market for classic fireplaces or custom cabinetry to liven up your living spaces. Now how about paying for it all? According to a series of studies conducted in the 2015 issue of Cost v.s. Value Report, the cost of a minor kitchen remodel would add up to around $19,000 on average. This includes the basics of adding cabinet doors, drawer fronts, countertops, flooring and additional appliances. If you find yourself less interested in installation and more interested in repair, you can replace some missing tiles or get a new furnishing on your bathtub for a very reasonable price. This is the perfect option for those that want to give their house some polish while still going easy on their wallet.

Getting Started

Being caught up on current trends is as well and good, but where do you even get started with all the options available to you? Create your very own checklist concerning your home, taking note of areas that could use improvement as well as elements that match your personality. Those looking for a more rustic feel might seek out classic fireplaces, while those searching for a simple touch-up could look into custom wine racks for their kitchen or living room. Many businesses offer free consultations, to boot, so you can ask about their rates and get a better idea on how much you’ll be spending on decoration, refurbishing and installation. When it comes to the American vanity and cabinet industry, you’ll always have available resources to help you turn your dream home into a reality overnight!

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