Carpet Shopping — Styles and Strategies

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Floor textures

Carpet is the best! It’s no wonder you’re considering professional carpet installation. For one thing, it totally eliminates the need to go back to the 2nd grade and play “don’t step in the lava” as you avoid hard wood and stone with your bare feet during a midnight run to the kitchen. For another, wall to wall carpet installation makes your home look luxurious and can even reduce allergens, as it traps the dust, pollen, and dirt that we typically breathe more of in the spring months. Splurging on the wall to wall professional carpet installation also eliminates the need to mess with carpet padding, which can be a chore to choose and may still slip under your feet after all is said and done.
But now that you’ve made the commitment to professional carpet installation, you probably feel like you’re planning a wedding. Between carpet patterns, carpet textures, and carpet designs, there are just too many details involved! We are here to help. Below are a few style points that you can use as your road map when you meet the salesperson to look at samples:
1. Moving away from solid is a solid choice.
About a decade ago, beige or grey solid Saxony were popular color choices for wall to wall carpeting. The idea way that the carpet could act as a blank background pallet on which to build your room’s style. Now, popular style trends have moved away from this idea, preferring gradient shading of neutral colors or simple organic patterns such as leaves, goldenrod, etc.
2. Take a look at Berber weaves.
The Berber vs. Saxony debate is one any carpet salesperson will be happy to fill you in on, but we’d love to give you a head start. Basically, Berber carpeting has a stronger, more textured weave than traditional Saxony, and can be woven to make three-dimensional patterns and geometric shapes. Generally Berber carpets give a home a more natural, rustic look and look less synthetic than Saxony (although some people think Saxony is softer).
3. Think strategically about stain management.
When embarking on professional carpet installation, it can be so tempting to go for the flashy, bright colors. Don’t we all want a sunset orange carpet for the day room or robin’s egg blue for the den? But these aren’t the most practical choices you could make, especially if you have little ones. Much like a pizza oven, that carpet’s not going to stay bright and clean for long, we don’t care what the salesperson tells you. Stick with darks and neutrals. You’d be surprised how rich and regal a deep plum can be on the floor, or a tree bark brown.
4. Keep a sharp eye out for price comparisons and unit deals.
Finally, don’t just go with the first carpet people you find. They’ll all tell you they have the best deal in town, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to investigate. Even if one store is more expensive than the other, ask why. It could be their price includes things like a warranty or higher-quality weaves. A good salesperson should know the competition, so don’t be afraid to ask tough questions.

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