Affordable Home Repairs to Consider Before Selling

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Putting up your home for sale is a major life decision. You’ll need to get organized before starting the process, as it can take months before finally making the sale. Here are some ideas for affordable home repairs to use to prepare your home for it to fetch a neat price.

1. Fresh Water Well

Your home may have relied on a local municipal water supply. A freshwater well will assure a home buyer that they’ll always have a constant water supply. Do an online search for companies in your location that offer well drilling service for homes.

Find out each company’s services, which will typically include drilling, water well inspection, and water well chlorination. When selecting your contractor to do these affordable home repairs, read reviews from other customers first. Compare the pricing and reputation of several companies before settling on your preferred one.

Check whether your state licenses the contractor. Look up the company to see whether they’re certified or belong to any professional association, as such professionals are typically known for their dedication to their work. Finally, you must ensure that the contractor’s team has worker’s compensation and can take liability for any incidents.

2. Window Renovations

Next, call the experts in window renovations and repair and explain your vision for the windows. The window restoration process will include visiting your home to assess the state of the current ones, which means thoroughly inspecting them for window leaks and other signs of damage. The professionals will then share their recommendations so that the window restoration reflects your vision and style while serving its functional purpose.

Insist they use durable material and appropriate repair techniques that will not mess up the original window design. Upgrading your windows as part of your affordable home repairs to an energy-efficient option will increase your home’s value while saving energy bills. Windows can be blamed for heat loss and gain of 25 to 30% of an average home heating and cooling, according to Remodel USA.

Retrofit windows for affordable home repairs are usually vinyl, with advanced insulation properties. Multipane glass packages can have inert gas fills and reflective coatings. The window frames should be hard-wearing and can withstand the elements. Ask the pros for your options for custom window blinds.

3. New Roof

Constructing a new roof on your property is one of the biggest projects whether you’re renovating or building afresh. A new roof is expensive for affordable home repairs, but it will serve the house for decades, improving your home’s resale value by a big margin. Many factors, such as the size of the roof and the materials chosen, determine the cost.

Factors like the steepness of the slopes mean there will be a need for more safety measures, which means more costly prices. Depending on their findings, the roofers will advise whether to go for a partial or full roof replacement. Replace the roof during warmer weather to give the roofing company enough clear weather to complete the installation.

Secure the appropriate license and building code from your state before starting the roof replacement process. A good roofing contractor will take up the legwork to ensure your licenses are ready since they understand all the requirements. The codes will spell out what requirements are needed for your roof, such as whether to have one or two layers of shingles.

Get ready for the roofing exercise by removing your wall hangings and fragile decor. Store your outdoor furniture away, store all vehicles far from the compound, and locate all outdoor electrical outlets. Cover the items in your attic and prepare for any roof accessories to be reinstalled.

4. Sewer Repairs

You want your buyer to settle into a hygienic home with a properly working sewage system. You should have professionals inspect the sewer system every two years, but since it’s time to sell the house, do the inspection now. Issues with the sewer may be difficult to detect since the pipes are underground, but it’s not hard to pick up anomalies.

Some signs can alert you to sewer problems. If the sink, toilet, or bathroom water takes too long to drain off, there’s a sewer problem. Foul smells coming from the drains or water pools on the lawn are also a cause for concern. Have the system inspected if you hear strange gurgling noises in the drains.

Ask the technicians for the range of plumbing services they can offer you. If they’re adept at handling everything from leaks to septic services, you can engage them better in sewer line repairs. Can they offer affordable home repairs by installing a whole new sewer system or repairing the existing one?

Ensure they have the requisite licenses and workers’s compensation. Insurance protects you and the worker in the unfortunate event of an accident while they’re on your premises. Certifications and licenses will assure you that professionals are handling your project.

5. Decluttering

Clutter in your house makes it look cheap. Not only will decluttering remove the mental stress, but your house value will certainly increase once all the garbage is gone. Get ready for this exercise, as it may take days to achieve a sparkling look.

Start by compiling a list of the rooms you’re decluttering, starting with the easiest one. Since you’ll be moving out of the house anyway, declutter as you focus on shifting your items elsewhere. Work systematically from room to the next as you separate the items you’ll keep from those you’ll let go.

Get the donation, recycle, and rubbish-or-sell bags ready. You can donate or sell unwanted items, upcycle what is suitable, and then throw away the rubbish as part of your affordable home repairs. Contact one of the local dumpster rental companies to assist you with the decluttering.

They’ll bring one of their dumpsters to your home and pick it up once you’re done, simplifying your waste disposal efforts. Roof replacement and other affordable home repairs can generate a lot of waste. Consult local garbage companies where you’ll need further assistance cleaning up.

6. Chimney Repair

A chimney should ideally be inspected and cleaned yearly, according to the National Fire Protection Association. A chimney repair contractor is best placed to handle your chimney repairs, replacement, or installation. Chimney sweeps or technicians clean the chimney using brushes and rods.

Call a licensed chimney sweep to inspect the chimney for structural defects. They will repair defects in the smoke chamber, chimney liners, firebox, and outer parts. If the chimney needs replacement, a chimney repair contractor will inform you.

It’s also a good idea to include flue liner repair in your list of affordable home repairs. A misaligned flue liner can cause a chimney fire; hence, you should install a new one or realign the existing one. Proper placement of a masonry flue liner helps prevent the buildup of creosote, which can produce carbon monoxide.

A chimney, just like the roof, is vulnerable to elements such as water. Replace the crown or cap if the water has damaged your chimney. Better still, you can waterproof the chimney to end water leakages.

During a waterproofing exercise, the chimney repair technician will first seal cracks within the joints. They will then cover the chimney with at least two coats of waterproofing sealant. Wearing out is likely to kick in for mortar chimneys that are over 20 years old. The technician will perform repointing and tuckpointing to replace mortar and protect your chimney’s integrity.

Before engaging the services of a chimney repair technician, ensure that they’re licensed and certified to do the work. You want to work with a professional who values their work. Find out whether they have been insured for general liability and workers’ compensation. Ask how many years of experience they have and whether they have previously handled your kind of chimney.

You can further interview them about their process of cleaning a chimney to understand what processes they use. Check their equipment and tools, how long they estimate your project to take, and cost implications. Finally, ask whether they will clean up after completing the work, as this will indicate how they value their client’s satisfaction.

7. Septic Services

Normally, homes with a septic system filter wastewater into a large septic tank underground. These homes aren’t connected to the municipal waste system. The wastewater from your toilets, sinks, showers, and other home appliances exits your home through the piping system into the septic tank.

The sludge in the tank will settle to the bottom, and the remaining waste water, or effluent, flows through the outlet pipes into the drain field. The effluent is then filtered by the soil slowly and safely.

To ensure that your septic systems are ready before staging your home for sale, have it serviced on time. A properly maintained septic system shouldn’t emit bad smells from the drains or septic areas. The technicians should ensure that the contents of the septic system are located at least 50 feet from the well to separate drinking water from wastewater.

Before putting the house on sale, pump the septic tank of all its contents with the help of professional septic system services. Call an inspector who understands how a septic system works to inspect the entire system thoroughly. They should issue a report, which will be important when home buyers come to view the property.

When hiring a septic tank inspector, get someone familiar with local regulations within your municipality. They’ll examine the pumping and maintenance records to understand your septic system. They’ll then proceed to look for signs of backup, leakages, check the scum and sludge levels, and establish the age of your tank.

Your inspector will also assess the tank, the condition of the drain field, and all parts to confirm the tank is the right size for the home. If you had made additions, such as an extra bedroom, after your septic tank was installed, the inspector would recommend the best solution for ensuring it accommodates the additional number of users. As part of your affordable home repairs, they should also check for unseen signs of failure and advise on mitigation measures.

8. Oil Heating

Have a call with your home’s oil heat provider so you can get some issues straight. Ask about the equipment history and service record, including the installation dates, service repairs, and other useful history. The provider will also recommend any upgrades and system enhancements, which you can share with the new home buyer.

Upgrading the heating system will make your home more attractive. A serviced oil heating service will consume less fuel. An upgrade gives more comfort to the new homeowner, with the assurance that a new boiler can save them up to 48.3% in fuel savings, according to the Energy Research Council.

Find out if your dealer can allow the transfer of an existing service contract to the new homeowner for a smooth transition. Request the oil heating dealer to make a final tank reading on your tank and give an accurate accounting of the value of the oil. You can ask for a discount and other incentives for the new homeowner. The dealer can also give the new homeowner a copy of the oil heating service guide.

Have a professional carry out a comprehensive furnace or boiler tune-up and issue a record as proof of the inspection. The professional will clean the heating unit and remove dust, dirt, and grime. They’ll check the thermostat settings and ensure it is energy efficient and also comfortable for the home’s occupants.

The technician will reset the system specifications according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. They’ll also inspect every safety component and the limit controls. The electrical connections and the motors will then be checked to ensure safety and proper function.

The oil connections, pressure and burner combustion, vents, drafts, and flues will all be checked to ensure no leaks are happening as part of your affordable home repairs. A ductwork leak affects heating efficiency and can result in significant losses. The heat exchanger will be inspected for safety, ensuring its physical integrity isn’t compromised to avoid carbon monoxide leaks.

Although selling your home can seem daunting, it can fetch you a tidy sum, especially when you undertake affordable home repairs beforehand. When you’ve touched up on all the repairs, you can now create interest in your house. You can work with a realtor to move the process faster because the more potential buyers you attract, the better your chances of making a sale quickly.

Work closely with your agent, setting a competitive price for buyers. Your agent will scout for houses on sale in the location and analyze the prices they’re offering. This will help you both come up with a suitable price range. If you put out a very high price, you may discourage prospective buyers while pricing out those with the potential to bid. All this will mean it takes longer to settle on a buyer.

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