11 Top Family House Cleaning Tips

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Keeping your home clean can feel like an adventure in frustration. Getting your family on the same page may seem impossible, and you may feel compelled to hire a cleaning service to help you. However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you follow the tips below! They’ll make it easier for your family to keep your house clean, streamline this process, and ensure that everyone pitches in simultaneously. Here are some top family house cleaning tips.

Create a Meaningful Cleaning Routine

A family house cleaning routine is a powerful way of keeping your family on track by ensuring they stay focused. A schedule should include daily cleaning steps, including minor and significant processes. Then, break it up into simple steps that make sense for your family.

Pick a day that makes sense, such as Saturday, while your children are off for the weekend. For example, you can teach your children how to use your carpet cleaner and wash your carpets once a week. Let them do this cleaning in the morning so that they can enjoy the rest of their day. Beyond cleaning carpets, you can also create schedules for washing dishes, doing the laundry, and cleaning your windows. Making a routine is particularly good for children, who usually thrive on schedules. It can also ensure that you and your spouse stay on task.

Reward Your Kids for Helping

After you create a family house cleaning schedule, you’ll hear a lot of groaning from your kids. That’s understandable but can be managed by rewarding them for contributing. This step can include giving them small treats for each task they complete or even giving them an allowance. Furthermore, you can create a reward program for children who do extra work outside their regular chores. For instance, your kids can earn ‘gold stars’ for doing a task outside their routine. Create reward tiers based on their stars, such as giving them their favorite meal or buying a toy.

While it might seem like you’re bribing your children, it teaches them proper cleaning skills. It also shows them that you value their time and the work they do for the home. That’s a significant benefit and can teach them negotiation skills later in life.

Always Pick Up the Home While You Clean

Here’s a clever tip to streamline your family house cleaning process: pick up after yourself as you go. It might seem like a no-brainer for most parents. However, kids and some adults need help picking up after themselves and leaving behind a lot of junk.

For example, you should permanently remove your cleaning supplies while working to keep them out of your way. However, picking up after yourself goes beyond this step and includes cleaning any clutter in your home. This step is essential to teach kids that tend to leave their toys around the house.

Teach them to put things like books, toys, and phones away while they clean. Also, focus on wrapping up charging cords and getting other tripping risks out of your way. This simple step is something that any child can handle and is worth emphasizing in your new cleaning routine.

Hydrogen Peroxide: The Ultimate Cleaning Hack

Most homes have hydrogen peroxide to help clean up wounds and cuts. However, you might need to realize that this powerful sanitation tool can work well in many cleaning situations. It’s a powerful cleaning hack that your whole family can appreciate when scrubbing stained surfaces.

For instance, hydrogen peroxide can break apart mold and mildew on your shower door. You can also use it to eliminate stains and buildup on your flood, countertops, and much more. The goal here is to sanitize each of these areas and eliminate any unwanted stains.

Thankfully, hydrogen peroxide is also very inexpensive and primarily safe, meaning kids can use it for family house cleaning. Just teach them to avoid getting it in their eyes or ingesting it. Use discretion when assigning your kids to use hydrogen peroxide, choosing those you think have the maturity to use it safely.

Pillowcases Can Be Surprisingly Useful

Do you have old pillowcases sitting around the house that you’re thinking of tossing? Wait to get rid of them. Instead, you can convert them into a surprisingly valuable family house-cleaning tool that works well in many situations. They’re handy when cleaning ceiling fan blades.

There’s no quicker or more effective way to clean ceiling fan blades than with a pillowcase. Open up your pillowcase and slip it over the fan blade. Squeeze the case down onto the blade and pull it back. The case will pick up a large amount of dirt and debris from the blade.

Pillowcases can also be helpful as small garbage bags when cleaning up your home while working with garbage hauling services. It’s typically best to use old pillowcases that you would either throw away or rip into rags. In this way, you’re not getting rid of still valuable items.

Don’t Sweep: Vacuum Your Hard Floors

If your kids are anything like you, they probably hate sweeping up your hard floors. That’s because sweeping is time-consuming and even physically exhausting. However, here’s a little trick for you: you can vacuum your hard floors to get rid of dirt and debris instead of sweeping. While not a secret, many people don’t realize that modern vacuums often have ‘hard floor’ settings. As a result, you can vacuum all your hardwood and tile floors without having to sweep. This step vastly decreases your cleaning time and makes it a more manageable physical task.

When you regularly vacuum your floors in this way, you ensure that they’re clean. This benefit will minimize your need for power washing services and protect your home. It will also speed up your floor cleaning and ensure that you and your children have time to enjoy your lives.

Find Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home

Owning a pet is always a fun and rewarding experience but can also be frustrating. For example, clogged drain cleaning often finds long pet hairs in the drain. Thankfully, there are ways that you can pet-proof your home and keep their hair from going too wild in the house and improve your family’s house cleaning.

For example, you can schedule regular brushing chores for your kids, including grooming your dogs. Many pets love getting brushed and will comfortably sit and wait while your kids brush them. You can also get your hair cut regularly to ensure that long hairs don’t get stuck down your drain. Furthermore, you can wipe down all your surfaces to get rid of hair, use a lint roller on your clothes and furniture, and much more. These steps not only improve your cleaning but make your pet more comfortable. They can even minimize allergic reaction risks in some family members.

Old Toothbrushes Can Work Wonders

Here’s a tip that even the best janitorial company may need to learn: using old toothbrushes to clean your home. While they might not seem as helpful as other brush options, they have many benefits. These old brushes will get thrown away eventually, so why not reuse them in a fun way?

For instance, toothbrushes are a perfect size for many cleaning projects. Their powerful bristles can easily break apart many stains. They fit easily into a garbage disposal and help eliminate various stains and debris. However, they can also help clean smaller objects, such as outdoor lighting fixtures.

They’re also beneficial for cleaning toilets, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. Even better, some children may find them easier to use than larger brushes because of their compact size. In this way, children can learn about family house cleaning when they are adults.

Remember Your Appliances

When was the last time you gave your oven a good scrubbing? Be honest with yourself about this question. There’s no shame in being one of the many people who don’t clean their appliances often enough. Change that error with your next home cleaning to ensure you give them their due diligence.

For instance, you can scrub the inside of your oven every week instead of relying on the automatic cleaner. It would be best if you also cleaned your microwave’s interior regularly to eliminate food stains and other concerns. Pay attention to other appliances, such as your refrigerator or pressure cooker.

Remember to clean the interior and exterior using appropriate techniques. For example, scrubbing the outside with a powerful cleaner can break apart stains, while the inside may need a food-safe option. Taking these simple steps will ensure that your appliances are clean and safe.

Deep-Clean Your Carpet

Carpets may look nice and provide a home with extra warmth, but they’re also unsanitary. Unclean carpets can host mold, mildew, and other growths that can threaten your family. As a result, it is crucial not only to vacuum your carpet regularly but to deep-clean it as well.

You can handle the basic family house cleaning using hydrogen peroxide or various window cleaners to soften and break them up. Wipe these stains away carefully and use spot-cleaning techniques to ensure that they’re thoroughly cleaned. Then, you need to focus on a natural deep-cleaning process with a powerful shop vac.

Rent a steam cleaner that can easily break apart stains in your carpet. You can either hire someone to do this cleaning or handle it yourself. Teaching your children to use a steam cleaner is also a fun option and will make it simpler for them to take better care of their home later in life.

Grime has a way of working itself into just about every surface of your home. If you don’t, grime could collect mold and other dangers and spread through a house. This frustrating situation can require paying careful attention to these spots and cleaning them effectively.

For example, air vents are often some of the grimiest areas of the home because people don’t think of them often enough. Clean them with various cleaning fluids using a towel on a butter knife. This approach helps make it easier to reach the vents and get rid of frustrating stains.

Next, pay attention to areas underneath your sink, behind your television, and other sites where you only go a little. Taking these steps can ensure that you handle them properly and provide your home with the benefits needed to stay safe and secure from grime-related problems.

Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

Delegation is not a dirty word when handling your home’s cleaning. It is a beneficial process that can ensure you handle everything quickly and effectively. Talk with your partner and your children about proper delegation to ensure every task gets done on time.

All chores should be given out based on your child’s capabilities. For instance, young kids shouldn’t be in charge of laundry because they can easily make mistakes. Give them something more straightforward to do, such as cleaning a house’s windows, to ensure that tasks are equally distributed among them. In this way, you need not work with a house cleaning company.

Learning these steps also helps them do things that a plumber would generally handle for them instead. For instance, you can teach your children how to handle things like scrubbing and plunging toilets. Spread out these sometimes grimy tasks throughout the week to ensure they don’t get sick of them.

By considering these tips with your family, you can decrease your need to call a cleaning company to help. You’ll also teach your children better family house-cleaning habits that will make them healthier adults. That said, don’t hesitate to get help if you need it. Some cleaning situations require professionals, so make sure you know when to reach out to an expert who can assist you.

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