Should You DIY? What To Do if you Have a Roof Leak

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Roof leaks are among the most prevalent issues for homeowners. Numerous things, including poor installation, damaged shingles, and clogged gutters, might contribute to this. Many homeowners are unsure if they can complete the needed roof repair by themselves, whether it involves installing new shingles, cleaning the gutters, or even recaulking their roofs.

If your roof leaks, you might be tempted to perform the common DIY fix yourself since there are numerous online DIY roof replacement, repair, and leak detection tutorials. Although this method occasionally works, be careful not to solve the issue or make it worse.

While you may sometimes fix small roof leaks with some assistance, leaving most roof leak repairs to a licensed roof contractor with experience is recommended. Therefore, it’s crucial to access an effective roof repair service to take care of leaks in your house as soon as you notice them and prevent further harm.

Steps to Take When You Have a Roof Leak

While a minor leak might seem more of an inconvenience than a concern, ignoring it can result in further damage. If the water isn’t draining correctly, a gradual trickle over time can deteriorate attic timber or cause a ceiling to collapse.

Additionally, it produces a moist atmosphere that is ideal for the growth of mold. If you are in such a scenario and wondering what to do if you have a roof leak, carry out the following steps to make an informed decision.

Inspect the Roof

The first step in solving the question of what to do if you have a roof leak is going to the attic to look for any indications of leaking spots. These spots typically reveal where a leak originated. While on the roof, wear non-slip footwear to prevent falling. Try not to attempt walking on the roofing if it is at a steep inclination.

Consider pouring water over the top to observe where it drains if you’re having difficulties finding it (it would help if you have someone inside looking where the water drips through). Avoid attempting to fill the leak’s hole since doing so could worsen it.

Take Away Anything Near the Roof Leak

Remove any furniture, clothing, and pictures from the area where the leak is first noticed as part of the procedure on what to do if you have a roof leak. You also need to cover electrical outlets with outlet plugs if the leak is close to them. A plastic shopping bag, sheet, or anything else that will stop water from splashing into the sockets can be used.

Get in Touch with the Roofing Business That Installed Your Roof

Contact the nearby roofing firm you dealt with after you have a general sense of the leak’s location. Suppose the damage was caused by the roofing company’s negligence, like failure to secure shingles or inability to nail down some shingles. In that case, such issues can be covered by a warranty. However, this warranty is only valid if a certified roofer has installed your roof.

Call Your Home Insurance Company

You should contact your home insurance if you are wondering what to do if you have a roof leak. It is essential if there is considerable damage to other parts of your house since the policy may pay for any expenses not covered by the roofing guarantee.

They might need to send someone out to audit the damage and probably want pictures of it. If the roofing contractors were responsible for the damage, their liability insurance should pay for the repairs.

Avoid Delaying Repairs

When deciding what to do if you have a roof leak, waiting until the last minute for the repairs to be addressed should not be an option. Unfortunately, you could have to wait longer for repairs if the leak occurs in the spring or summer because this is a busy period for most roofing businesses.

Ask local roofers to tightly fasten a cover over the affected area to keep water out if you need to wait a while for repairs. Take pictures of the final results after the professionals have completed the repairs. In the unusual event that the issue recurs, you will have proof to claim a warranty.

Common Causes of Leaking Roof Flashing

Your roof’s flashing shields the intersections of opposing roof surfaces. If neglected, the sealant that connects the valleys of your roof is vulnerable to leaks. Look for any fractures in your roof’s flashing that can let water seep in and cause a leak.


Check to see if the caulked locations on your roof have a strong bead of material to keep water out to avoid wondering what to do if you have a roof leak in the future.


Pay close attention to your gutters while inspecting your roof to ensure water is drained correctly from your roofing materials. If your gutters are clogged with leaves or other debris, moisture may back onto the roof and cause a leak, so check them out.

When You Can DIY Fix a Roof Leak

A ladder and working in an elevated location for roofing repairs are required. Even though it’s not recommended, there are situations when a few inexpensive pieces of equipment and a little know-how will enable you to tackle minor roof leaks without the assistance of a professional roofer.

Roof Leaks from Caulk

Suppose you looked over your roof and saw that the caulk is cracked or in bad shape; you might be in luck. You need to ensure your shingles, gutters, and other roofing materials are in excellent condition and not causing the roof to leak before you repair the damaged caulk beading. Avoid asking yourself what to do if you have a roof leak.

Once the caulk has been identified as the issue, you may remove it and replace it using techniques that have been proved effective in the industry to get the best results. It is acceptable to hire a roofing expert if you are unsure that you can altogether remove, repair, and seal the caulked sections.

Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters are one of your home’s first lines of defense against severe water damage, such as leaks from your roof, and keeping them clean will help prevent leaks from starting in the first place hence eliminating the need to ask what to do if you have a roof leak.

Regular maintenance on gutters and downspouts is also essential to prevent future cases. To keep water from pooling on your roof, remove any leaf litter and other debris from your gutters and check on their functionality at least once a month.

When to Call a Roofing Professional for Your Roof Repairs

When a roof leak appears, you need to take quick action to stop it before further harm to your home is done and solve queries on what to do if you have a roof leak. The construction elements in your home might sustain significant damage even from a small leak in a short time.

What may seem to be a minor roof repair may require a complete roof replacement. You might only have a few hours to take action for moderate to severe leaks before the damage spirals out of control.


After an assessment, your roofing professional will evaluate the damage, recommend steps to address the question of what to do if you have a roof leak, discuss the cost of repairing it, and offer advice regarding a new roof estimate.

Once you approve the work order, your roofer can begin the necessary repairs to restore the functionality and aesthetics without the hazards associated with do-it-yourself improvements. Until the required roof repairs are finished, most roofing firms will cover your house with a tarp to prevent freezing rain from causing additional damage.

Maintenance Recommendations

Reputable roofing firms always have your best interests in mind because they don’t want unsatisfied clients. An experienced roofer ought to provide you with as much information as possible about your roof and assist you in creating a maintenance strategy to prevent future roof leaks from harming your property. It will also eliminate the need to wonder what to do if you have a roof leak.

You might wish to attempt to resolve the problem yourself when it comes to roofing repairs. While you can DIY many areas of your home, such as interior painting and gardening, it is usually advisable to leave residential roofing professionals in charge of maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roofer Increased Level of Safety

You’re probably underestimating the risks of working on a roof if you’re not a professional roofer. You might not think much about a two-story fall, but we know that things can go wrong quickly if you’re not careful. Any lapse in focus, no matter how brief, can have disastrous effects. By working with a roofing specialist, you may altogether avoid these concerns.

Excellent Work

Without the necessary knowledge, there is a chance that the roofing service outcome won’t safeguard your property and won’t look at all like what you had in mind. Even though minor repairs might appear like quick remedies, they might eventually cause more significant issues if done incorrectly. Ensuring you receive high-quality work that will last for a long time is one of the finest advantages of hiring a professional roofing contractor.

No Legal Problems

Some people have no trouble performing simple DIY projects in their homes. However, getting your equipment and working on your roof are not straightforward tasks. For a house to be habitable, the roofing must meet specific standards. You might need to hire a professional to rectify your work anyway if it isn’t up to code, which can cost you money in legal fines. Make use of the professionals to save time and money.

Fulfilling Warranty Conditions

The installation process influences the quality of many high-end materials. After a while, poor repair techniques or a hurried job can lead to issues. Additionally, it may void any remaining warranties on the equipment you purchased. Your roofer should attest to adhering to warranty requirements.

Avoid hiring roofers not connected to a reputable roofing company. An expert must satisfy the warranty requirements of the businesses they buy their goods. In addition, they deliver top-notch services despite the difficulties they encounter in the roofing repair sector.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners make adjustments like buying a new HVAC system or installing new windows when they want to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. All these modifications are pointless, though, if your roof is inefficient.

Most of the heat in the house will escape through your roof if it is broken or has inadequate insulation. To reap the rewards of purchasing energy-efficient features and appliances, you must first address any roofing issues.

Prevents Interior Property Damage

If you do not take immediate action, a leaking roof will cause additional damage to your house. For instance, water may start entering the house through the roof. This water could harm your electronics, drywall, and hardwood flooring. Also, moisture may collect beneath the carpeting, leading to mold growth.

Since they save property damage, spare you from more expensive emergency repairs, and increase other investments, timely roof repairs are advantageous. For instance, a well-insulated roof will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

While you might be able to replace minor caulking and clean your gutters, you should leave any roofing projects in the hands of experts. When it comes to maintaining their roof, homeowners don’t always know the best remedies, so most ask, ‘what to do if you have a roof leak?’

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