Get to Know the Different Lazy Susan Parts

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Are you currently still considering adding Lazy Susan parts or other accessories to a table in your home? It may be for your patio table, dining table, or even to serve as one of the kitchen organizers in your pantry. Or maybe you already have one but just want to know more about it and how you can get the most out of using it.

Whatever the case, you’re in luck because this guide will help you understand everything you need to know about Lazy Susan parts. If you still don’t know, this small kitchen accessory that is circular in nature can be used to conveniently organize and store kitchen and food items. As a result, it makes preparing and serving food a whole lot easier.

But before going out to the store and buying whatever hardware for Lazy Susans you see available, keep reading first to learn more about this fantastic home accessory and its components.

A Little Bit of History

A lazy Susan is an excellent addition to any dining room. It comes in handy when you have a large household or several guests to feed and entertain. You can put all the food in the center of the table and just let them spin it to reach the food they want.

Typically made from acrylic, wood, or plastic, this rotating platform facilitates better access to food across the whole table. Apart from easy distribution of meals, people also use Lazy Susan parts to store food supplies. The most common place they’re used is at dining tables, but they can also be installed inside kitchen cabinets or used outdoors on patio tables.

The original Lazy Susan was designed to make distributing food across the table an easier and simpler task. You can avoid having to ask someone across the table to pass food to you or even to get up just to grab food from the other side of the table.

With a Lazy Susan, the food at the center of the table can be easily reached by everyone seated around the table. Simply turning the round tray around makes the food available to all the people at the table.

These innovative woodworking projects solved the problem, and Lazy Susan parts are now the ideal dining table accessory for making your life relatively easy and convenient. Nothing beats being able to reach all the food placed on the table.

Various Parts of a Lazy Susan

First on the list of these vital parts is the base – it’s like the wheel that allows you to turn the dish platform. Then, the part of the Lazy Susan that holds the plated meals is the platform itself, also known as the tray or turntable. This component should be made of a sturdy material since it will carry the most weight.

The third component is the outer ring, which is attached to the wheel. It mostly serves as a food holder, so it has a hole in the center.

Next up in the list of components is the spindle. This shaft, where the wheel gets mounted and secured to the inner ring and the base, rotates the outer ring.

You can choose to decorate the outer edge of the wheel according to your taste, or you can make it match the design of your kitchen. Either have it matching with your table design or decorate it according to the style of the furnishings in your kitchen.

The inner ring is next. It has a hole in the center, is used for housing utensils or even food, and is mounted on the spindle. Then, the center disk component mounted on the spindle has a hole in the center where food is placed. Finally, the cover plate serves as a decorative element.

Serve Your Guests With Style

Now you know that this lovely invention can help you keep food readily available for everyone without having to constantly go to and from the kitchen or pass food across the table. Whether you simply enjoy entertaining guests or have a large family to feed, having a Lazy Susan hardware on your dining table is an absolute must. Still, make sure to take advantage of this home accessory by only getting one that is of high quality and durable enough to withstand constant rotations.

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