A Guide to Choosing Quarts or Granite Countertops

March 15, 2022 by No Comments

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Granite countertops are an excellent investment to give your kitchen or bathroom a more aesthetically pleasing look. This video discusses the difference between granite, marble, and quartz so you can make the best decision for your home.

Natural stone is an increasingly popular option for homeowners who want a beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly countertop option. However, the different stones have different properties which give them each advantages and disadvantages in different areas.

For instance, granite is less porous than marble. This means that it is less susceptible to water damage and staining. However, it’s still a good idea to seal your granite in order to maintain it. Quartz, a man-made material, is not porous at all.

Aesthetically, the stones offer different looks, too. Granite often has the most complex patterns out of all of the options. Granite comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Marble is much cleaner, coming in white with gray details throughout. However, it’s very susceptible to staining, so you can get a quartz countertop that looks like marble instead.

Price-wise, there are different levels in each of the three stones. It depends on the availability and the work that goes into manufacturing the stone. For more information, watch the video above.

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