What to Expect From Seawall Erosion Repair

January 19, 2022 by No Comments

This video discusses what to expect from seawall erosion repair. It opens with Alon Beilis, a co-owner of Sea Me Drive. His company specializes in marine construction commercial diving. They are at the cutting edge of seawall products. In addition, Sea Me Drive installs defense mechanisms in the seawall.

Video Source

They have been using JET Filter for more than seven years. It is simple, effective, and removes the pressure of water. It replaces old weep hole systems that fail. They use different types of core drills to place the filter. This video shows the benefits of installing jet filters. It allows water to discharge without losing compact soil. This video shows a project of installing 38 units along the sea wall, 310 linear feet long and on the intercoastal. The area has boats coming along at 25 to 30 knots.

This area is challenging to do work, but the video shows you how the experts do the job. They also start with the understanding that water is your friend and your enemy.

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