What Are the Different Roofing Options?

January 26, 2022 by No Comments

If you are starting construction on a home, or even looking to replace your current roof, you might be interested in all the options out there for roofing material. So what are they?

Asphalt roof shingles are probably the most popular choice around the United States, with three-tab asphalt shingles being the most common. You can also have architectural shingles, which are built without any slots to break up the slab. This is a cost-effective roof option that will last from 15-25 years. Other options can last longer but cost more.

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Cedar shingles, when installed correctly, can last for a long time. A wooden roof has to be doused in water to expand and create that water-tight seal. It has to be dried immediately to avoid mold development.

Metal roofs come in one large sheet as opposed to smaller pieces. This eliminates the risk of roof leakage from rain or wind. Snow will fall right off these roofs, and that might be important depending on your location. These are the most expensive types of roofs and the most durable.

Call a roofing contractor near you to ask about the options and services they provide. This video will give you some insight into the different roofing materials you can choose for your next project.


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