A Beginners Guide to DIY Custom Furniture Upholstery

January 14, 2022 by No Comments

Old chairs can look brand new at the hands of a good upholsterer. But does it only take a professional to do it? We have this notion that only experts can do great things. Let us remember that they were once novices like many of you. They started with a desire to make things work – to see old things look brand new.
Custom furniture upholstery can be challenging, and yet it can be fun. It can also be a source of living for you.

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As a beginner, you should know the tips and steps of custom furniture upholstery that can benefit you.
If you recovered an old chair in your hands, it could be a high-end chair. Try the following these steps:
– Strip it down on its cover to see what is inside so you can replace it.
– Dismantle all the braces by unscrewing them carefully.
– Once you have removed the old cover, work on the seam by removing the stitches. Be careful not to tear it. Use nippers to prevent damage.
– Use the old cover as a template or pattern by putting it over the new fabric to be used.
– Cut the edge of the new fabric by following the edge of the old one.
– Feel with your hands the pile of the fabric to determine which is to be put as top and bottom mark them.

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