Charity Build To Help Homeless

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San Diego – There are now 11 houses for families who were once homeless in San Diego, thanks to the Go Habit women crew who volunteered to build houses. A construction crew made up of only 60 women came together to build for those without homes as part of Habitat For Humanity’s National Women Build Week.

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This crew of female constructors who were busy hammering away, were all volunteering to help people without homes, especially those living in San Diego. Despite the fact that some worked as full-time builders, these do-go gooders were still willing to make time to build for those in need.

One of the volunteers, Kaitlin Kalaal said, they were all having a good time building for those who don’t have a place to call home. Their amazing work inspired other women to come together to do good. Following in their footsteps, other women’s build projects took place across the country. In recent years, owning a house has become an unrealizable dream for many people. The median price of a home is estimated at around $550,000; which means many people can’t afford it.

One of the volunteers said there was still a huge shortage of housing in San Diego. She explained that women were not only volunteering to build, but also to raise funds for those who are less fortunate. The women in the video proved once again that, when a group of people comes together, a lot can be achieved. They managed to raise $150000, which went toward helping underprivileged families. This is a commendable deed.

Some of the women who volunteered to build are mothers in their own right, so they understood the pain of having children while you don’t have a roof over your head. While most of these volunteers were not going to meet the families who live in the houses, they made sure that they leave a little message for every family.

Just to cheer them up. They scribbled messages on the walls for each family. They wrote messages such as “Welcome Home”.

It is amazing to see women involved in building homes for other families, a job that was previously reserved for only men. These hammer-wielding champions could do anything, from air conditioning repair to sawing wood. Once again this is a stark reminder that there are women who out there are willing to do just anything for those who are less fortunate It took over a year and a half to build the houses.

This building project will serve as a way to empower women to find a solution for themselves.


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