Why ICF Construction Might Be the Best Choice for You

April 15, 2019 by No Comments

If you are a home owner who is looking for the best material for your new home and browsing your construction options, you can’t go wrong with choosing ICF building blocks as the source of your new home, the foundation that holds it all together. Many people do not know the benefits of concrete and ICF blocks, but with a little knowledge, you could be making your first steps into a new home that is crafted perfectly for you and your family.

What Makes ICF the Best?

ICF walls are the best protection that you can choose for your home when you are working through all parameters of the building process. First of all, this premade form of construction made of concrete is a system that has been used for quite some time. ICF has been used in global construction trades for about 60 years now and continues to be one of the best forms of building available to us on the market. The first type of foam concrete came to be in 1966 when Werner Gregori used this type of concrete for building. He was a canadian contractor who was heralded for the popularity of this type of building material.

ICF also offers you the best protection. For instance, ICF is capable of offering protection to those who live in some of the worst conditions and experience natural disasters such as tsunamis, tornadoes, and more. They are capable of withstanding up to 402 kph winds, which means that this form of concrete is one of the best protective barriers that you can have for your new home.

ICF is also cost-saving. For instance, homeowners find that approximately 20-25% is saved on an annual level when it comes to heating and cooling costs that we experience. This means that an investment that we make in the beginning can lead to savings that we will experience in the future of our home, which gives back in the future.

ICF is also a type of building that reduces waste. Only one row is constructed at a time, which means that end blocks will be cut to reduce waste. When you look at it, this method might be one of the best building processes because it saves money, reduces waste, and protects us from natural disasters.

If you are somebody who is looking to build your new home, you might choose ICF blocks as your material of choice. When it comes to construction, this is one of the best methods for your home and future.

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