When You Need HVAC Repair Work

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A number of utilities will make a house a functional and comfortable place to live, ranging from the plumbing and sewer main to the foam insulation in the walls to electrical components. A popular utility, meanwhile, is the HVAC system, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Experienced professionals can provide expert HVAC service for any homeowner client, and air conditioning repair may be fairly common in the United States today. All sorts of problems may affect a home’s HVAC system, and many of them are too technical for a homeowner to handle alone. A faulty HVAC system may provide poor climate control and also cost too much money on the electric bill, so dedicated professionals can and should be hired to repair or even replace a home’s HVAC system.

Problems With HVAC

What might go wrong with the heater or air conditioner in a modern American house? One common problem is sheer dirt. While a homeowner can clear off the wall-mounted ventilation grates, dirt and debris may get deeper into the system, where only HVAC repair workers can reach. The blower fans are powerful fans found deep inside the system, and they move a lot of air to keep the system going. However, these fans may get coated with grime such as pollen, dust, spiderwebs, or more, and this may reduce their output. Thus, the system has to work overtime to provide the correct amount of cooled or warmed air. Worse, the outdoor AC unit may get choked with pollen, dust, and leaves over time, which hampers its performance. In other cases, rats or squirrels may break into the house and build nests in the air ducts. These nests will partially block air flow, and force the system to work overtime to compensate.

Mechanical problems may be the issue. The blower fans may be not only dirty, but also worn out, further lowering their output. The same may be true for the outdoor AC unit, and the air ducts may have holes or rips, or may have fallen out entirely. This allows a lot of warmed or cool air to leak out, forcing the system to work extra hard to compensate for this constant loss. Meanwhile, the house’s wall or attic insulation may be thin or missing, and this will allow far too much warm or cool air to escape during winter or summer, respectively. Loose and badly-fitted windows and doors may have drafts that leak air, and bare windows may also be an issue. During summer or spring, a bare window will let in a lot of hot sunlight that will warm up the rooms and prompt the air conditioner to turn back on over and over. During winter, meanwhile, bare glass windows may leak warmth that forces the heater to over-compensate.

It should be noted that a house’s heating and cooling utilities consume nearly half of the power that the home uses, so if the HVAC systems are being overworked due to system problems, this will drive up the electric bill in a hurry. Therefore, investing in expert HVAC repair is a solid investment to get the electric bill back under control, and also make for better climate control quality.

Hiring Professionals

A homeowner may look online to find HVAC repair companies in their area, and visit their websites to see what kind of work they can do, as well as view customer reviews. Once a homeowner finds and hires the right crew for the job, these professionals may clean off, repair, or replace anything that needs work. They can reach and clean off the blower fans, for example, and clean out the outdoor AC unit as well. Rat and squirrel nests may be removed as well, and damaged air ducts or blower fans can be replaced or repaired as needed. However, if the overall HVAC system is very old, such as 20 years or more, replacing the entire thing may be the stronger choice. Constant repair for the old system may be expensive over time, and old systems were not built with modern energy efficiency standards in mind. However, a new HVAC unit will pay for itself over time with its energy efficiency, and provide powerful climate control the entire time.

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