Home Improvement Should Be A Personal Venture High Value Ideas For Your Next Project

April 8, 2019 by No Comments

Home improvement isn’t a straight line.

One year might be a particularly good one for your home, with successful renovations and regular maintenance keeping it in the best possible shape. Other years might be lackluster, setting you back so far you’re not sure where to start catching up. When you need a simple enough project to improve your value and other areas of your life, look to fence and flooring options. These provide your home just the right amount of change without going overboard. Even better, they last a long time when done correctly.

A new chain link fence or some beautiful floor tiles? Let’s see which project will bring out the true potential of your 2019.

Home renovation is a complex process that changes from person to person. What works for one might be a waste of money for another. That said, it never hurts to double-check what other homeowners are doing to get an idea for the road ahead. A recent study found up to 90% of homeowners stating they prefer hardwood or tile floors, with just 10% choosing laminate. Exterior renovations and interior renovations have also remained fairly steady, with neither really outdoing the other.

When you want to save some money and improve your ROI in one go, you turn to flooring options. Hardwood remains the reigning champion — with one study finding them staying the majority at 55% of today’s homeowners — and is a beautiful choice for just about any style. A significant minority, however, prefer carpet for its ability to trap allergens and reduce noise. What works best for your home depends on the long-term benefits you hope to accrue. Perhaps you can try out new flooring in one area of the home to give it a feel, then spread to the rest of the house.

When it comes to fencing, there are three major factors you should consider before committing. You have the sections, the posts, and the overall style. A chain link fence is useful for keeping animals contained and is a sturdy enough choice for the long-term. For those that want a more aesthetically pleasing option, however, you might want to look into wooden fencing options. These can be painted beautiful colors and framed with everything from shrubbery to flowers.

It’s not as simple as installing a fence and moving on with your life, however. You need to consider your local laws so you’re not accidentally stepping on anybody’s toes. It’s highly recommended by today’s housing professionals you have a property survey every three to five years — this will help you know whether or not your fence is in the clear legally. For future reference, local codes in the United States require you have a fence around your pool. This needs to be at least four feet high and must have a self-closing gate.

A new chain link fence or floor tiles installation can truly change the way you look at your home. Many homeowners today are taking the opportunity to bring out their home’s deepest potential, both on a value level and a personal level. When you have questions without easy answers, a survey by a residential contractor can help clear things up. They’ll figure out the weak spots in your home and give you the push you need in the right direction. What could new rugs or a pool chain link fence do to give your house that extra pop of style?

Home improvement comes in many different shapes and sizes. See what works for you this year.

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