4 Features Your Paint Should Have

April 9, 2019 by No Comments

When you think about having a more environmentally conscious and health-focused home you probably don’t think about paint. However, there are multiple options for health-focused paints that you can utilize to help create a home with less volatile organic compounds (VOCs), no latex, and no toxic chemicals.

If you are looking for ways to have a cleaner environment within your home, consider purchasing paints that contain the features listed below. They are wonderful for the well being of your home and family.

Air Cleaning Paint

Air cleaning paints are incredibly innovative paints that help to keep the air in your home fresh. They absorbs pollutants and VOCs, neutralizing them and keeping them out of the air. You can breathe easier with this on your walls knowing that the quality of the air in your home is better.

Low or No Odor

If you don’t like the smell of fresh paint you can look for a low odor paint or one that is completely odorless. For some the traditional smell of paint can cause headaches and nausea as well as respiratory issues. With this feature you can paint without the side effects.

Non Toxic

Non toxic paint is a great choice for obvious reasons. It means that you aren’t painting your walls with toxic chemicals that could be bad for your family and pets. If the paint were to chip and your child or pet were to get a hold of it, the last thing you want is for it to be loaded with toxins.

Latex Free

Another option to look for is latex free paint for anyone in your family who has a latex allergy. This might not be something that comes to mind when you’re considering painting your home, but it’s definitely worth thinking about if latex is an issue for anyone in your household.

When choosing paint for your home you should make an informed decision. Not all paints are equal and it’s best if you can find something that has quality while being health-focused as well. Keep an eye out for the features above when you’re browsing paints and you will be one step closer to a healthier home.

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