Sunlight Can Damage Furniture And Spike Your Energy Bill The Economic Benefits Of Smart Home Drapes

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Your home is a careful balance of presentable and hard-working. Underneath the polished veneer is a house that’s constantly trying to save you money and keep you comfortable.

What happens when you still aren’t receiving the benefits of a low energy bill and beautiful furniture? You get to the root of the problem. Many homeowners are turning to the benefits of roman shades to bring their home together from the inside out. From long, elegant draperies for your living room to roman shades for the bedroom, there are plenty of gorgeous ways to finally start saving. Should you be considering a simple renovation project…

…look below to learn more about custom shades and the myriad of benefits they can offer your home.

Protect Your Leather Furniture And Accessories With Roman Shades

This is a side-effect that tends to pronounce itself when it’s too late. While a little sunlight is good for both you and your home, too much can have the opposite effect and leave you frustrated. Light is notoriously damaging to leather surfaces, causing them to crack and become brittle. According to studies by the AERC (or Attachments Energy Rating Council), cellular shades on a single pane window can save you between $250 and $500 every year. This goes for both protecting your furniture and…

Reduce Your Energy Bill By Controlling Sunlight In Your Home

…giving you a more respectable energy bill. Heat that filters into your home causes you to constantly turn to the HVAC system, for one reason or another. Imagine how much more you could save with effective roller shades. Roller shade fabric with a 5% rating allows just 5% of light in, blocking the other 95% consistently. Blackout shades are even more powerful, able to block 100% of light — these are particularly popular in the master bedroom and studio.

Improve Your Interior Design With Stylish Custom Shutters

There’s more than enough aesthetic appeal to satisfy all styles. The length of your drapes leaves a significant impact on the look and the feel of a room. It can make the entire place feel regal, particularly with thicker drapes that curl on the floor. Also known as fabric puddles, this is a perfect addition to any vintage, classic, or modern style. For those that want a clean and casual look, roman shades and custom shades are the ticket.

Compliment Your Windows With Proper Shades

Your windows aren’t just for show. They’re useful tools in filtering light, regulating temperature, and making your entire home come together. Most homeowners replace their window treatments every seven to eight years, according to a recent study. Single-pane windows are common in many older homes and are widely considered to be very energy efficient. Double pane windows, on the other hand, are great at keeping temperature inside your home. Coupling these with cellular shades only makes the benefits go up.

Useful Tips To Keep In Mind When Installing Roman Shades Or Drapes

What should you know before committing to shades for living room or bedroom spaces? A common rule-of-thumb is to install shades with two to three inches to the overall width of shade — this allows room for mounting hardware without sacrificing your layout. Your average shutters can last up to 20 years with minimal upkeep (think dusting and proper storage techniques). Automated window treatments are also becoming pretty common. A 2016 Houzz survey found nearly 3% of today’s newly renovated homes have ‘smart’ drapes.

Enjoy your home’s meticulous design. Look into composite shutters, smart drapes, or roman shades that compliment your life, not counteract it.

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