Hiring Contractors To Repair Your Foundation

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American homes vary in price and shape, but they have one particular element in common: a foundation. There are a few distinct ways of building a foundation, and they should all provide just that: a solid base, a foundation, for the house. During construction, the foundation is built first, and later, foundation repair may sometimes be needed. Foundation failure can seriously threaten a house’s integrity, especially problems with a basement foundation. Foundation issues may range from cracks to leaking water, so a foundation repair expert can be consulted for suggesting fixes. A foundation repair expert will base the repair job on the foundation type and the local terrain, and a foundation repair expert may consult an expert geologist on staff.

Foundation Types

More recent American homes, such as many Texan homes, are built on what is called slab foundation. This is indeed a simple slab of concrete that is simple but sturdy, and it is proving popular among home builders today. Another type of foundation today is the crawlspace model, which elevates the house about 18 inches off the ground with a hollow space underneath. This creates the crawlspace, where a foundation repair expert or a plumber may move in to start repairs on the house from underneath. These crawlspaces not only provide a convenient place for a repair professional to work, but they allow flood water to pass right under the home without threatening it with flooding damage.

Pillar and beam foundations are among the most cost-friendly versions, and this makes them popular among homeowners today. These foundations have not only a crawlspace, but they also have beams and supports that go into the ground to keep everything steady. It should be noted, however, that this model may crumble if an area is struck with an earthquake, and a geologist can be consulted for this before construction begins.

Basements are the fourth major foundation type used in the United States. These foundations and secure, solid, and fire-resistant, and they also add a lot of floor space to the home. This makes basements popular for homeowners with storage needs, but basements may sometimes suffer maintenance issues that call for a foundation repair expert. What might happen to basements in particular?

Basement Problems and Repair

A basement is tough, but it is not indestructible, especially older ones. Homes and basements built in the early 1900s tended to be constructed with limestone bricks, but these walls would cave in over time. An old home like this may have basement walls bulging inwards due to decades of heavy soil pressing against them, and they may have cracks that leak water.

Water is often the single biggest hazard for a basement, and it can come from other sources, too. If the basement is not waterproof, then water may seep into the basement during heavy rain or flooding around the home, and this can be a real issue for homes in flood-prone areas. Or, water may drip, leak, or spray from damaged pipes in the basement ceiling. Either way, this causes a buildup of standing water on the basement floor, and this can be a real issue. Standing water can erode and degrade the floor and walls of the basement, and it may also cause water damage to furniture or stored items down in the basement. Also, this standing water creates excess moisture that fosters mold growth, and no homeowner wants mold.

A foundation repair expert can help with this. A contract crew manager will know how to fix an afflicted basement, and this can be done in a number of ways. A basement with old limestone brick walls can have new, concrete walls built in front of them to contain the bulging walls and their leaks, since those old walls can’t simply be removed. Foundation repair workers can help make a basement more water-resistant in case of rain or floods, and plumbers can repair the pipes in the basement ceiling to prevent more water buildup. Meanwhile, plumbers can also install a sump pump and channels that can lead water to it. This pump will draw up excess water in the basement and then deposit it outside the house, getting rid if any standing water found there.

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