Why Now Is the Best Time to Remodel Your Home Bathroom

January 19, 2019 by No Comments

For some, a bathroom remodeling means waiting until the last minute, after something goes wrong at home due to leaky appliances, flooding, mold, or breakage. That said, recent surveys show two-thirds of current homeowners are planning on renovating, and The New York Times reported that the best time to assemble your team of bathroom remodeling contractors is before the shower, or any important appliance, breaks. Working with local bathroom remodeling contractors might also help to keep your living space consistently maintained.

So, if you are considering a bathroom renovation but have yet to make a move, here are three reasons why there is no time like today to get started.

Bathroom to Basement: Top 3 Reasons for Remodeling

  1. Remodel Cost vs. Return on Investment
  2. Replacing bathroom flooring, countertops, showers, and sinks is on the minds of four out of five renovating homeowners. During a home bathroom remodel, the cost to redo bathrooms can run a family thousands of dollars, but can oftentimes help them earn that and more right back. On average, additions to bathrooms have been shown to increase Return on Investment by 86.4%. Whether you are looking to flip your house, just do some small bathroom makeovers, or create a unique master bathroom special to you, putting time and effort into the overhaul can create some significant results.

  3. Keeping up With the Joneses
  4. When it comes to their place of living, most homeowners will value comfort and style. Bathroom remodeling, as well as updates throughout the house in general, can be key to keeping your house looking the most stylish on the block. Knowing what is trendy and what people are buying can be helpful in increasing your home’s value down the line too. Here are some key trends to look out for.

    • In the bedroom, 44% of homeowners say that they prefer carpet.
    • Hardwood or tile are favorites in the kitchen, with 90% of homeowners preferring them.
    • Also in the kitchen, most of the 93% of homeowners who are updating countertops are choosing natural stone materials.
    • Lastly, 54% of home buyers were willing to pay more for a home with hardwood flooring.

  5. Being Happy in Your Home Bathroom
  6. While unique master bathrooms might make or break a house for some homeowners, between dinner with the family in the dining room and sleeping in the bedroom, most of their time will be spent elsewhere. This is why it makes sense that approximately 35% of all remodeling projects end up involving the entire space, even if they start out as a simple home bathroom remodel. This ultimately means more power and flexibility for homeowners to be creative with their designs.

    For example, 76% of homeowners are expected to change their kitchen style during a project, which shows the need for flexibility when leaving their mark on a home. It can have monetary benefits to. Alongside the high Return on Investment for bathrooms, a basement remodel comes in at approximately a 70% return on average.

From finding your unique style, to increasing the value of your property, the reasons for a home bathroom remodel go far beyond a flooded floor or leaky pipe. While the bathroom remodel cost might seem high at first, the potential benefits can make it worthwhile. With that said, make sure to keep these remodeling tips and facts in mind the next time you dream about your dream home.

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