Spruce up Your Yard With Landscaping Rocks

January 11, 2019 by No Comments

It’s wonderful to relax in your backyard on a lovely day. In fact, a Harris Poll survey done for the National Association of Landscape Professionals discovered that 75% of Americans believe that spending time in their yards is important. Renovating that space by incorporating landscaping rocks makes that precious outdoor time even better.

For homeowners who are planning to sell their homes, a beautifully landscaped yard can increase the resale value of a home by as much as 14%. If your dream is to give the grounds of your forever home a makeover, a 2017 Landscape Trends study done by Houzz indicated that gravel or crushed rock was the material of choice for 38% of homeowners who upgraded their driveways, pathways, terraces, or patios.

Whatever your reason for wanting to landscape your property, you have many wonderful options to choose from. First, ask yourself what type of yard you’d most enjoy. Would it be lush and tropical? Or perhaps rustic and cozy is more your style. The right types of landscaping rocks, whether they’re slate, crushed gravel, or river rocks, help you create the look you want. Constructing a rockery, or rock garden, is a great way to add interest to your backyard. Once you’ve selected the ideal spot for your sanctuary, Country Living Magazine has some recommendations to help you out.

1. Become An Amateur Artist.

Begin by sketching out the exact position of each rock. A little advance planning will mean a lot less labor when you actually begin work. Your back will thank you.

2. Use All Rocks Great And Small.

You’ll want to include rockery rocks of various sizes. In addition, grouping the stones in random fashion creates a more natural appearance. Be sure to allow enough room for plants and colorful flowers.

3. You Have To Sow Before You Reap.

The most crucial factor for creating a healthy rockery is the soil. Before you plant, combine a layer of lean topsoil, a three-inch sand layer, and small rocks. Make sure that the topmost soil layer includes some small lava rocks as well as peat. Avoid using nutrient-rich types of topsoil because it doesn’t agree well with rockery plants.

4. I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.

This is true when it comes to rockeries as well. Small bulbs like daffodils or wild varieties of tulips are a smart pick. It’s also best to choose hardy plants that are smaller and able to tolerate drought. Provide plenty of drainage for your plants, particularly if your area gets its fair share of rain during the year. Succulents are the go-to choice for rockeries, and creeping plants soften the look of your rock garden.

5. Add A Touch Of Sentiment.

Personalize your rock garden by adding commemorative stones or other meaningful touches to make it special.

When you’re ready to turn your so-so garden into the backyard of your dreams, landscaping rocks are a creative way to start. You’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor for a long time to come.

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