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In a typical home, all the plumbing fixtures are connected to the one thing that every homestead has-the main sewer line. However, you might find yourself requiring sewer line repair services depending on how much the beating your main sewer line has taken. Plumbing issues in many homes is not a new phenomenon. In fact, indoor plumbing can be traced to 2500 BC. Some of the most common indoor plumbing issues are clogged drain, leaky faucet or water heater replacement. When such issues occur, you need to find yourself a good plumber before the situation goes from bad to worse. A plumbing contractor will not only offer sewer line repair services but will see to it that you don’t have a clogged toilet or your dryer vents are not working. Knowing the common causes of a clogged sewer line could save you a great deal of repair cost.

Common Causes of a Clogged Sewer
Almost every homeowner can attest to having encountered an unfortunate situation of a clogged drain or a slow-running bathtub. Whereas the problem could become worse if left unaddressed, a clogged drain can easily be taken care of with sewer line repair services. This is the reason why you should have an emergency plumber line since some of these issues are unexpected. Whenever the normal drain cleaning exercises don’t work, you might have to do an entire sewer line repair or just a section of it. Below are some of the indicators that you need sewer line repair services.

Severe Pipe Damage
When you have a ruptured or broken sewer pipe, the sewage cannot effectively drain through the system. This causes constant backups on the system. Some of the common causes of sewer pipe damage are;
1. Use of heavy construction material above ground
2. Rupture due to a shift in soil
3. Increased traffic above ground
4. Corrosion of old sewer pipes causing breakages ad collapse
5. Leaking joints that allow water to escape through the walls of the pipe.

Sagging Sewer Lines
Sagging sewer lines cannot be blamed on the homeowner because they occur over time. In most cases, a bellied-pipe appearance is what characterizes sagging pipes and is caused by ground and soil conditions. However, dealing with sagging pipes can be quite a nightmare and might require sewer line repair services. This is because; the low-spot of the pipe often begin collecting paper and waste causing a blockage of the pipe.

Tree Root Infiltration
Compared to today’s PVC pipes, older pipes were sometimes made from porous materials such as clay. In addition to this, the connections between the different sections of the pipes weren’t’ as tight as they should be. This scenario created a bigger problem, constant damage of the pipes by tree root infiltration. A typical tree or shrub root grows while searching for water. If such a root latches onto a sewer pipe, it grows into the pipe in an attempt to get to the water. As the root grows in size, there is the likelihood that the sewer line will break and require you to seek sewer line repair services.

Flushing Debris and Pouring Grease down the Drain
Many people can attest to knowingly or unknowingly forcing debris down the drainage system. This is perhaps the most common cause of clogged sewer lines. The number one rule when dealing with this issue is not to treat the sewer lines like a trashcan. Oil, grease and fats are common causes of clogged lines and what most people are ignorant about is that; it is never a good idea to pour these substances down the drain.

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