3 Reasons to Update Your Yard with Pool and Kitchen Designs

September 27, 2018 by No Comments

It’s such a fantastic feeling, we’d all agree, to be able to get home after a long day and escape into your own personal oasis of tranquility–otherwise known as your yard. So many wonderful memories, and such a great getaway!

Yes, you love your yard the way it is…but there’s always room for improvement, right? If that’s how you’re feeling, then you are not alone. According to the responses of 56% of the people participating in a study done by Houzz, people want to make their yards more friendly for entertaining.

How are they doing this? They are calling pool contractors, landscaping professionals and home improvement specialists to create custom pool designs, custom kitchen plans and screen enclosures to update their yards. So many possibilities!

Let’s look at three key reasons why pool contractors and other professionals are so busy updating yards across the country.

<Swimming Has Great Health Benefits
Pool contractors will tell you that a really good reason to add a pool to your property is for your overall health and general well-being. Swimming is wonderful exercise! It gives a great cardiovascular workout, since it is more difficult to move in water than it is to move through air. Water is much denser than air, actually ten time more dense, so the increased resistance translates to a fantastic workout. Pool contractors are often able to help with spas, as well, should you decide to add a spa to your yard area.

<Who Can Resist a Cooking Outdoors?
One of the most popular features to add to outdoor property has to do with cooking and cuisine. In fact, the home design site Houzz has compiled data which indicates that barbecues or grills are one of the top three selections when homeowners are making improvements their yards and outdoor areas. It has been reported that outdoor kitchens are being added to the backyards of 14% of consumers. There’s a whole lot of grinning going on!

<Improving Your Yard Has Financial Benefits
For most of us, if not all of us, this is the bottom line. There are definitely financial benefits to updating your yard. Dramatic lighting, pools, spas and water features and kitchens are all fantastic and add to the value of your property. Especially kitchens. It has been reported that a homeowner can expect to see an average return on investment of between 100-200% when the yard is updated with an outdoor kitchen.

To sum up, we all enjoy a coming home to a slice of paradise. If you are thinking about updating your yard, professionals such as landscapers, pool contractors and home improvement specialists will help make your dream a reality. After all, what Dorothy said in the film The Wizard of Oz is true: “There’s no place like home!”

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