2 Important Tools to Keep a Building Project Safe

May 21, 2018 by No Comments

A construction site needs many tools and components to keep a building project moving smoothly. It goes beyond simple hammers and nails. People who are unfamiliar with construction may not know anything about the intricacies and tools. A lot goes into building a safe, sound, and functional space for communities. The safety of construction workers is also highly important. There is an endless amount of tools that are used in modern times to guarantee the success of a project.

1. Vertical Plate Lifting Clamps

How do people in construction lift such heavy pieces of metal, steel beams, and other dangerously hefty materials? Most people are aware of the machinery used on construction sites such as cranes. However, there is a certain tool that needs to be attached to a crane in order to safely lift a heavy material. Vertical plate lifting clamps are attached to crane lines in order to clamp onto materials. These vertical plate lifting clamps are among the many styles of tools used to heave steel plates upwards. There are also horizontal clamps for the different orientation of the plate. Vertical plate lifting clamps help projects go by quicker by the speed in which lifting and unloading can be preformed. Having proper lifting mechanisms in place with proper vertical plate lifting clamps that can withstand the weight of a steel component keeps all workers safe from possible events. Improper lifting can result in injury to workers and destruction of the project. Vertical plate lifting clamps are also commonly used to lift and tow vehicles and move large objects from one point to another.

2. Non spark tools

Some construction sites are particularly dangerous. Any spark, heat, or fire can cause explosions or other deadly conditions. Deadly conditions may contain flammable liquids, gases, or other materials. Regular metal tools can create sparks and heat when they are used on other hard materials. Even the slightest spark in a dangerous environment can turn deadly for workers. This is why non sparking tools are important. They are just like regular steel tools, except they are made out of softer materials that are unlikely to create friction. A non sparking tool kit can be made out of copper, aluminium, brass, and bronze. The down side to this is that these tools made of non sparking materials can wear down more quickly and require a lot more maintenance. However, non sparking hand tools are required to be used in certain conditions for the safety of people and the success of a project.

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