How Outdoor Lighting Fulfills Both Practical and Design Functions

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Outdoor and landscape lighting have both practical and decorative functions. From low voltage lighting along walkways to flood lights focused on trees to motion-sensitive area lights, they provide safety, and highlight features your house and yard. Since they serve two purposes, there are many factors to keep in mind when choosing outdoor lighting. It may be best to leave the decisions to a professional company with experience in residential as well as outdoor commercial lighting.

Just add light
Architectural lighting serves many different purposes, from highlighting features of your home and garden to safely guiding your steps on walkways. It adds to the beauty of your home, spotlighting it at night as well. Outdoor spaces, decks, patios, and backyards are important spaces for most people. This is where they spend time relaxing, eating, reading, working, and entertaining. They also spend a lot of time and put in some serious effort to improve their outdoor spaces.
Adding outdoor lighting features adds to the visual appeal and practical functionality of your home. Among outdoor spaces, backyards are chosen by 64% of homeowners for improvements. There are plenty of personal and practical reasons for making the effort, but there’s also a financial benefit. Any kind of landscaping improvements can increase the value of a home by as much as 14%. It also adds immensely to the curb appeal. This is why the vast majority of real estate agents, or 90% of them, advise their clients to invest in landscaping when selling a house.

Lighting design and practical considerations
As with outdoor commercial lighting, both safety and architectural considerations play an important part in determine where lighting elements should be located. Architectural and landscaping features can be emphasized with flood lights, while motion-sensitive area lights are suitable for driveways and garages.
Architectural outdoor lighting can be used to highlight plantings, trees, and other elements like garden walls, gazebos and decks. Muted lighting along pathways is used to prevent trips and falls at night. Low voltage and LED lighting are especially suitable for outdoor lighting, because of their low energy consumption and correspondingly low risk of burn out.

Residential landscape lighting, like outdoor commercial lighting, can be made up of a number of complex choices. It’s also important that these lighting features be installed correctly, to avoid any risks. For both design and practical considerations, it makes sense to call in a professional landscaping lighting company, to create a plan that’s right for your home and outdoor spaces.

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