4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

March 17, 2018 by No Comments

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If you have windows, you know that they are the main way you’re losing heat and wasting energy in your home or office. It might be time to call a window installation company and find the best windows for your building. Here are four reasons replacement windows might need to be in your future.

  1. You want to save money on your energy bills. If your windows are drafty, the air they’re letting out could be increasing your energy bills by as much as 10% to 25%. The Department of Energy estimates that the average energy bill in America is 45% heating, and the average cost of using natural gas heat is almost $650 a home.
  2. You want to better insulate your home. This goes along with saving energy costs, of course, but not only with heating. Better insulated windows spare you air condition costs in the summer and are better protection against mold. If you get dual-paned windows from your window installation company, they will be twice as good at keeping in the heat and the cool than single-paned ones. If you replace older double-paned windows with new low-E coating, energy-efficient windows, the Efficient Windows Collaborative estimates that a 2,6000 square foot home would save 15% a year on energy bills.
  3. Window installation might very well eventually pay for itself. The average cost to replace windows is between $300 and $700 per window. Recent survey’s show that nearly two-thirds of America’s homeowners are planning to renovate soon, and using that renovation to get the windows taken care of is a great investment in the future. Not only will the yearly energy savings kick in immediately, but the National Association of Realtors estimates that window replacement has an ROI of 80%. High-quality windows that are maintained well can last 20 years or more.
  4. You want to keep up your home’s value and curb appeal. There are a lot of things you can do to stay up with the other homes in your neighborhood and keep your own home’s resale value as high as possible. Getting a window installation company to work on some residential window replacement is one of the best things you can do. The National Association of Home Builders reports that in 2012 44% of all renovation jobs including window or door replacement. People are interested in quality, efficient windows when they go home buying.

Whatever your window situation right now, there’s a good chance you could save money and improve the value of your property by contacting a window installation company to install windows that are more efficient and better-looking. Don’t fall behind the property values around you: make sure your home or business has the best windows you can get.

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