Extending Your Outdoor Living Spaces With Pools and Outdoor Kitchens

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Customers have been grilling and making food outside for a long time. They’re still installing different outdoor gas grills. However, an outdoor kitchen is another option that will sound similar, but that actually creates new possibilities for people who are trying to look at new backyard grill design options.
The average size of outdoor kitchen models will vary. People might think that these kitchens are always going to be small. They might not have room for outdoor kitchen types that are bigger than that, especially if they also want to add swimming pools and other features to the surrounding area.

An all-season outdoor kitchen will be harder to install than other types of kitchens made for the outdoors. It will be more important for people to add a structure that covers that outdoor kitchen under those circumstances. Still, many people will want their kitchens to be designed like that anyway since they’ll have another source of shade in their yards.
The outdoor kitchens of today can make it possible to grill. That said, people can use other cooking processes outdoors. The fact that grilling is associated with summer days doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to make food in these environments.

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In the summer, outdoor living and entertaining spaces like backyards and patios provide a relaxing environment. In warmer climates, these can be used year-round to gather with friends and family, host a picnic or even to catch up on work. Adding features like pools, outdoor kitchens and comfortable seating makes these spaces even more inviting. Swimming pool builders can add pool screens and fences for easier maintenance and safety.

Extending outdoor living and entertaining spaces

In warmer weather, there?s nothing better than being able to spend time by the pool, possibly with a book and a glass of wine. Or to host a barbecue or kids? picnic with a convenient outdoor kitchen set-up. For 83% of those surveyed in the 2014 Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends Study, the backyard is an ideal entertaining space.
Sunshine, fresh air and friends. Just add water and you?re set for a summer of fun. A large number of home improvement projects actually involve outdoor living spaces. Adding swimming pools and outdoor kitchens to your backyard is also a sound investment, that increases the value of your house. Even if you?re not planning to sell your house, adding an outdoor kitchen gives you a 100 to 200% return on investment (ROI).

Adding a swimming pool to your yard

Swimming is one of the healthiest forms of cardiovascular exercise. That?s because the swimmer moves against the water?s resistance, which is more than ten times the resistance offered by air. Also, it?s just plain fun. Swimming actually ranks as the fourth most popular sport in the U.S. It?s one of the best ways to cool off on a hot summer day.
However, unless you have a pool in your backyard, you might not have that many chances to go swimming. Adding a swimming pool to your backyard also gives you a wonderful addition to your outdoor spaces, where you can relax, entertain, nap or even work. Safety features like fencing around the pool can help to prevent accidents. Adding pool screens can make maintenance much easier.

Features for safety and maintenance
If you decide to go ahead and add a swimming pool to your backyard, you may find that you?ve suddenly become very popular with neighbors, friends and even colleagues. And their kids. Adding some simple safety features like a fence can make sure that there won?t be any accidents.
Especially if you or your neighbors have kids, a safety fence is a good idea. While children should be taught to swim at an early age, they should never be left unsupervised in or near the water. Pool screens are another feature that many homeowners choose to add. These make maintenance much easier, keeping leaves, bugs and critters out of the water.

Adding features like swimming pools and outdoor kitchens can extend living and entertaining space. It also produces a relaxing environment for a number of warm weather activities. Adding a safety fence ensures that no untoward accidents can happen, and pools screens make maintenance much easier.

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