4 Tips for Purchasing a Good Used Excavator

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When people talk about operating heavy equipment, one example that might come to mind is an excavator. This is a very common piece of construction equipment that is used for a variety of purposes, including snow plowing, digging trenches, demolition, and many more. If you need to rent an excavator for a job, you might be wondering how you should go about this task. There is quite a bit that is worth knowing about excavators and how to obtain one.

If you do not have a lot of experience with an excavator, you might wonder about a few things. For example, you might ask, how much would an excavator rental cost? How much would I have to pay for an excavator and truck? What is the average excavator cost per day? What is the excavator for rent price in my area? Where can I find the best possible excavator machine for sale? If you want to know some of this information, it would be a good idea to ask someone who has a lot of experience with excavators. Alternatively, you can do your own research on the internet, so that you can get familiar with the topic before you are even able to talk to anyone.

Heavy equipment used parts

When considering used equipment, you want to make sure that you choose something that is still safe for your company and your employees. Choosing properly working equipment means that your employees are safe while using the equipment. Roughly 35% of injuries that occur on the job are directly related to the machines that employees are using at the time of the injury. This makes machine care and machine operation the most important aspects. This includes using the machine properly and maintaining the machine properly.

With properly functioning machines being so important, you want to ensure that whether your equipment is new or used it is safe to use and operate. Buying used machinery like a used excavator can help save money, but only if the machine functions as needed and is safe. Use the following checklist to ensure that you purchase a decent machines that handles it’s duties and is in proper working order.


It is incredibly important when looking at used equipment for sale to check your heavy equipment for leaks. When searching for a used excavator you want to choose one that requires little or no work in order for it to be operational. Thoroughly check all hoses for signs of leaks. Be sure to check cylinders and don’t forget to inspect underneath the used excavator.


You want to make sure your used excavator operates well, and in order to be sure of this you must start up the machine. While the machine is started inspect all of the components. Ensure that the boom can adequately dig and make sure that all bolts are tight and not loose. Perform a couple movements with the boom to ensure this. Make sure the blade works well with up and down movements, and make sure there are no hesitations with movement of the used excavator.


While you are operating the used excavator, make sure to listen to the machine. Listen for any unusual noises from the engine. Listen for unusual noises from the brakes, blade or boom. Listen to make sure there is no hesitation from the engine.

Walk Around

Perform a walk around of the used excavator to check for issues. Check the engine for any leaks and check for water in the engine. Check the oil and filters to make sure the machine has been properly maintained. Inspect for cleanliness while walking around. This helps you determine the amount of care the machine has had with it’s previous owners.

With over seven million workers in the construction industry, you can only imagine how frequent accidents can and do happen. Following safety procedures for employees and equipment reduces the number of accidents each year. Following these steps can ensure that your equipment is functioning properly to keep your company and employees safe.

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