Do I Really Need a Plumber?

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Humans have had indoor plumbing since at least 2500 B.C.E. It?s one of the best things our species has ever invented, in terms of health and convenience. Because our indoor plumbing is so crucial, though, when there are problems they need to be fixed right away. Of all leaky homes in the United States, an average of 10% are wasting 90 or more gallons a day through leaks. A 2,000 sq ft home could see serious damage if a leak happens: one inch of water can cost more than $20,000 in repairs!

Finding affordable plumbing services and fixing leaks before they get serious can not only save you from these sorts of catastrophic costs, but from the small money drains as well: correcting even small household water leaks saves the average homeowner about 10% on water bills. Read on for the signs of potential sewer pipe problems and how plumbers fix them:

Signs of a Clogging Problem

It?s important to catch these signs early, if you can. Getting plumbing repair done as soon as possible is key to minimizing costs and damage in the long run.

  1. If you regularly hear a gurgling sound coming from a toilet, this could mean that the gas venting system is blocked.
  2. If everything is draining really slowly, this is another possible problem. Sometimes a slow drain can be fixed quickly, but if the drain is clogged with oil and grease, it can be much harder to fix without a plumbing contractor.
  3. If you?re noticing a lot of rotting food or garbage smell in the kitchen, this could mean you need to take the trash out more often; or it could be a clogged drain. If it?s coming from the sink, get a professional to help clear out the food and fat that?s built up in the pipes.

Signs You Might Need a Sewer Line Replacement

Clogs are bad, but a leaking sewer pipe could really ruin your home. Here are some signs you might need a sewer line replacement:

  1. If you suddenly have unusually high water or sewer bills, this could indicate a problem. There might be a lot of leakage in places that can?t be seen.
  2. If your yard seems to have standing water even when it hasn?t rained, or if you ever see sewage around the yard, a pipe could be cracked or broken. Possibly tree roots have broken through, and sewer line replacement could be required.
  3. If sewage is ever backing up in your toilets or in the basement, obviously this is a bad sign. Even if you can?t see sewage, if the drains are persistently getting clogged (as opposed to a one-time clog of a particular drain) you might need to get a sewer line replacement.

What Kind of Options do I Have For Repair?

This will depend on what exactly the problem is, so it?s almost always worth it to get a professional to do an in pipe camera check before doing anything else. Some pipes will have to be excavated because of their location. Other times, it will be possible to use non-excavating options. These are cheaper and easier, but not always possible. Trenchless pipe repairs are another option which involve only very minimal excavation and saves money when it?s possible to use.

How Much Will All This Cost?

This is almost impossible to answer except in consultation with a plumber on site. It depends on the nature of the leak, how much landscaping or driveway has to be removed, how much pipe needs to be replaced, and whether or not there is biological waste in or near the home itself that must be cleaned up. Just remember that the longer you wait to check on a sewer line replacement, the greater the damage and expense is likely to be.

No one wants to have plumbing problems, but sadly they are a fact of life as pipes and homes age. The key is getting out ahead of the problem, to minimize costs and trouble. If you?re experiencing any problems that could indicate a plumbing issue, look into affordable plumbing near you and get it taken care of quickly!

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