Home Repair and Upgrade Projects Should be Considered Valuable Investments

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You had hoped to finish the basement and remodel the kitchen this year. Other projects, however, got in the way. To be more specific. Other projects used up your budget!
When you found out that you had to replace both of the furnaces in your 3100 square foot home it was a major expense. An expense that pretty much put your basement finishing project on hold. When later the same month you found out that you also had to pay for two hot water heater installations you also decided that the kitchen remodel would have to wait as well. And while it may have been far more fun to have the built in movie theater that you were looking forward to, no one in the midwest can risk being without furnaces as winter arrives. And even though you were looking forward to the new appliances that you would have upgraded to in the kitchen remodel, the kitchen clearly had to take backseat to the hot water heater installations.
Home Ownership Is a Balancing Act Between Needed Repairs and Replacements and Dream Remodeling Projects

From emergency sewer line repairs to other projects that require plumbing contractors, the task of being a home owner can be expensive. And while no one wants to spend all of their saved funds on plumbing and heating expenses, the most important part of being a responsible home owner is in making sure that you invest in the necessary repairs to keep your home running smoothly and efficiently. Consider some of these facts and figures about the many ways that home owners find themselves investing in their homes and impact those investments have on the nation’s economy:

  • The nation’s 500,000-plus miles of sewer lines are on average over thirty years old, according to a recent American Society of Civil Engineers report.
  • Leaky kitchen and bathroom faucets, malfunctioning toilets, errant sprinkler systems and much else waste 1 trillion gallons of water every year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That amount is equal to the annual household water use of more than 11 million homes.
  • 93% of all water damage can be prevented.
  • 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more a day.
  • 91% of participants indicate that they plan to install energy efficient toilets during bathroom remodels, according to a Houzz survey.

Making sure that you take care of the latest home repair projects is an important part of being a home owner. Money that is invested in major projects like plumbing and heating and cooling can help you keep, and even add, value to your home. From hot water heater installations to heating and cooling issues, it is important to stay caught up with any needed repairs.

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