Five Cool Ways to Upgrade Your Pool

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Having a pool is one of the greatest joys for a homeowner. A pool is where you and your guests can unwind in the cool water. You might find that your pool is in need of changes. A pool gives a homeowner the freedom to get creative. It’s understandable to wonder what pool upgrades are available. Pool renovations come in all shapes and sizes. In this post, you will learn five ways to upgrade your pool.

  1. Pool Resurfacing

    Pool plaster degrades over time which leaves owners in need of a surface solution. A pool often needs a new surface coat after about 10-15 years. Having your pool resurfaced is a project that provides beauty and functionality. Pool contractors regularly resurface pools to keep them in great shape for years to come.
  2. Switching to Salt Water

    You’ve probably experienced being in salt water if you’ve been to the ocean. A salt water pool doesn’t use chemicals seen in a traditional swimming pool. Many homeowners prefer a salt water pool because it’s easier on their eyes and skin. Guests are sure to love getting into your salt water pool, especially those sensitive to chlorine. Having a salt water pool is easier for owners to clean since it doesn’t involve the use of many chemicals.
  3. Diving Board

    One study finds that 38% of swimming pools have diving boards on them. Pools with diving boards give guests the ability to do a fun dive. You will want to ask pool contractors you hire if a diving board is feasible for your pool. These professionals will ensure you have the depth requirements needed for a diving board.
  4. Pool Lighting

    There are many innovations in LED lighting that make it a great addition to pools. One study by Houzz finds that 83% of those surveyed felt their backyard was an ideal space for entertaining. Not all pool renovations require a complete redesign of your pool. Adding pool lighting is great because it gives the pool owner freedom to choose light colors and styles.
  5. Tiling Your Pool

    Placing tile on your pool is slightly different than resurfacing it. A pool owner can have their pool resurfaced and add tile on top of that. Many pool owners find adding tile to their pool gives it a fancier look.

In closing, there are several ways contractors can upgrade your pool. Resurfacing a pool is often done to keep the pool looking new. Over time, the surface of a pool will wear down which creates the need for resurfacing. Certain pool owners choose to have tile cover the surface of their pool. Pool contractors regularly help homeowners switch to a salt water system. A diving board is a great inclusion for any pool. Having a diving board give guests the freedom to do their favorite dive. Pool contractors will let you know if your pool is deep enough to have a diving board. Pool lighting works well to add design and functionality to your outdoor space. Implementing the five ideas you’ve read about are great ways to upgrade your pool.

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