5 Advantages That Bamboo Flooring Will Bring

March 1, 2017 by No Comments

benefits of bamboo flooring

Are you looking to remodel your home and are searching for something unique and different? Well, look no further than natural bamboo flooring! There are plenty of different types of bamboo flooring that will match whatever decor you have in mind, no matter the size, shape, or color scheme of the room you choose. Here are some benefits of bamboo flooring that you can expect when you invest in this material.

Surprisingly enough, bamboo flooring can withstand more compression strength than typical flooring options. Its strength can be compared to steel and is incredibly long lasting. Many homeowners enjoy this option for the areas of the home that have a lot of traffic, as wear and tear isn’t as noticeable on bamboo.

Good for your joints
Surprisingly, bamboo is easier on your body than typical hardwood. It is soft, so it creates less strain and stress on the legs and the knees.

Bamboo grows naturally, so it is one of the most sustainable materials you can choose. Plus, bamboo naturally cleans the air, and it is known for eliminating carbon dioxide. According to the Environmental Bamboo Foundation, one hectare of bamboo can not only get rid of carbon dioxide in the air, but it can produce about 30% more oxygen compared to typical hardwood trees. So if you are trying to decrease your carbon footprint, bamboo flooring is the way to go.

It is not as expensive as you’d think
Many homeowners believe that since bamboo is a unique material, it must be expensive. This is not true, as bamboo flooring is priced similarly to that of hardwood floors. On average, bamboo flooring will cost anywhere from two dollars to eight dollars per square foot.

Low maintenance
Bamboo flooring doesn’t require any special waxes, sealants, or custom cleaning agents, making it quite a low maintenance flooring option. You can easily sweep or mop up any dirt or debris, which is great for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time on cleaning their home!

With these benefits of bamboo flooring in mind, why wouldn’t you choose this awesome material for your next home project? Call our professionals today to get started!

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