Four Things to Look for in a Trash Removal Service

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There are many valuable services that are provided to the general community by waste removal companies. Aside from routing trash pick up and recycling services they also provide valuable assistance when it comes to more specialized hauling and trash removal needs. If you are searching for the best disposal service providers there likely are several in your local area right now who offer the services you are searching for.

One popular trash removal service many homeowners seek out at least once is oversized item and specialty disposal services. The best way disposal large item pickup services operate depends on the area and what items are needing to be picked up and disposed of. Many communities offer big bulk trash pickup dates and locations, but there are also private trash removal companies that can come and pick up these items for you.

If you need big trash pickup dates and specialized services, contact your local waste municipality and see what services they provide. If there is nothing that fits your needs then consider working with a private waste removal company to take care of any needs that you may have.


Running a business is difficult. You probably wear a minimum of seventeen different hats. In addition to providing the actual product that you’re in business for, you have to worry about keeping the lights on. You have to stay on top of facilities. You have to act as your marketing army of one. You have to think about staff management and human relations. And you probably constantly put out fires. You might have issues with manufacturers, shipping, chargebacks, customer satisfaction, and the list goes on and on. With all the proverbial garbage that you must process as a business owner, the last thing you need to stress about is getting the actual garbage cleared out. When you have an unreliable trash service, it’s a logistical — sometimes hygienic — nightmare.

This is why we want to do you a quick solid: you might have a hundred and fifty decisions to make as a business owner, but figuring out the right garbage service shouldn’t be a showstopper. To bypass the madness, we put together a quick checklist of things to look for while finding the right commercial trash removal service.

Four Things to Look for in a Trash Removal Service

  1. A Reputation That isn’t Garbage

    Every trash service you consider is going to try to convince you that they are worth trusting your business in. They might look good. They might sound good. But there is one thing that can’t be faked: reputation. Before you select a trash service, make sure to peruse the reviews from other customers. Do you see the same complaint over and over? Are most of the reviews positive? After reading the customer reviews, do you feel more or less encouraged about using the service?

    Keep in mind that a customer is ten times more likely to take the time to post a negative review than a positive review. Sometimes mistakes happen, and sometimes customers are impossible to please. If you see a single poor review, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. But if you see customer after customer leave reviews that their trash stacked up to the ceiling because the garbage service made one excuse after the next to not come pick it up, well that should be a red flag.
  1. A Pricing Structure That Doesn’t Put You Out of Business

    As a business owner, every penny you spend comes out of your pocket. As such, finding a trash service that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is an important factor. If the nature of your business generates a lot of trash, this might be particularly important.

    When you are price shopping, make sure that the cost comparisons are apples to apples. Some trash services might give you one quote, but when you get the invoice, you’ll see a ton of administrative fees and extra costs that you weren’t told about. Before selecting a service, make sure that you understand what your final bill will be if you go with them. You might find it advantageous to look for a trash service that offers a variety of options to meet your particular budget. For example, recycling part of your trash will cost you about 40% less than the cost of putting the same amount of trash in a landfill. If a lot of your business’s waste is plastics, cardboard, or glass, looking for a garbage service that offers recycling might save you a lot of money. That brings us to our next point…
  1. Sustainable Business Practices

    This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but out landfill trash approach ain’t pretty. Basically, landfill operators dig a giant hole in the ground, and then throw all the trash in there until the hole is full, and then they move along to a new spot. Eventually, our entire planet will become one landfill. For the sake of the planet Earth, and for the sake of keeping it beautiful for future generations, look for a waste management provider who makes recycling easy and convenient. It will do so much more than just save you money.
  1. Consistency

    At the end of the day, the most affordable trash service is a waste of money if they don’t fulfill their one purpose: To pick up the trash.

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