Cover Your GroundProtecting the Earth Beneath Our Feet

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Crane pads

Ground mats are a source of earth protection that has proven to be invaluable on many different types of ground, for instance, grass and dirt, or asphalt. There are several kinds of ground mats available for use, depending upon what the user needs the protection for. Alturnamats are typically used on hard surfaces, like concrete, or pavers. Alturnamats ground protection is smooth on one side and treaded on the other. The treaded side will work best on the hardest surfaces, while the tread, if used on a surface like warm blacktop, will leave treadmarks once the blacktop is dried. The smooth surface of the mats is best for soft asphalt or blacktop.

Ground mats are used to provide a cushion that will preserve the ground when heavy equipment, including cars and trucks, travel across the ground in that area. Mats like alturnamats are best used to protect the ground underneath construction sites or areas where heavy equipment will be used. Another type of ground mat called versamats is the recommended ground mat for areas that see more pedestrian traffic, bicycles, wheel barrows, and other kinds of lighter traffic. The difference between these two types of mats is that the versamats have a smoother tread pattern which makes them easier to walk on, although they, too, are strong enough for use on construction sites.

Crane mats, as well, should be ultimately strong and durable. This is necessary in order for the mats to be able to hold the weight of the heavy equipment that rolls over them or sits on top of them, and to protect the ground beneath at the same time. There are OSHA requirements in the United States that set down regulations for the assemblage, draining, and grading of cranes, which include specifications regarding the mats that they are sitting on. These mats have to provide the proper leveling and support according to the stipulations set down by this agency.

RV jack pads are essential for every RV owner. They are a necessary commodity when parking a recreational vehicle at a camp site where the ground is not level. They level the RV where the ground slopes, and they prevent the jacks from sinking into any soft ground beneath them. RV jack pads should be industrial strength, and they should be able to provide leveling for the camper time and time again without wearing out, cracking, or breaking.

Statistics show that about 8.9 million families own recreational vehicles. In 2013 alone it was estimated that five billion dollars was brought in at RV parks and campgrounds by campers and RV owners making use of the facilities. With so many people and families traveling and camping in RV’s, jack pads are an often used and often needed asset. Having or not having jack pads for RV could literally make or break a vacation. Not to mention the safety factor! There are three standard sizes to choose from. They are made to be stacked, if necessary, to be sure to reach the safe and correct leveling required.

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