Prolonging the Life of Your Home’s Appliances

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Most homes have multiple appliances. The appliances are an important part of the home. They make certain household tasks easier to accomplish. That is, until they break, and require repairs. Appliances can be difficult to repair, especially if you are not familiar with their parts and the process of repairing them. In most cases, a service repair professional is needed. This can get costly, especially if the appliance is unable to be repaired and a new one is needed. Fortunately, there are things that homeowners can do to keep their appliances in better shape, helping them to last for many more years.

Dishwasher repairs. The dishwasher, for many, is a benefit. It is not a necessity. In fact, not every household has a dishwasher in their home. Not all kitchens are set up to be have the ability to add a dishwasher. Also, some people still prefer to hand wash their dishes, ensuring that they are properly washed. For those with dishwashers, great care and maintenance should be practiced to ensure not only that it continues working, but also that it is properly washing the dishes.

Dishwasher repairs often have to do with the water not getting hot enough or the dishes not being cleaned enough. The water temperatures can be adjusted to heat the water quicker and hotter. When debris is left on the dishes after a full wash cycle, it can be user or machine error. Both should be tested to find out which is the problem. The user needs to entirely rinse the dishes, prior to putting them into the dishwasher. If there is still excess food debris, dishwasher repairs may be needed. Your dishwasher should last 9 years before you have to think about replacing it.

Washing machine repairs and dryer repairs. The washing machine and dryer are newly considered to be essential in many homes. In the past, people would simply wash their clothing items in the sink, and then hand them in the backyard to dry. Washers and dryers have drastically cut down the amount of time it takes to clean clothing items. When a problem exists with the washer or dryer, you may be required to visit a local laundry mat. This can get expensive and timely. Properly cleaning both the washer and dryer can prevent problems.

A washer is responsible for removing dirt and grime from the clothing items. Over time, this dirt and grime builds up into the washing machine. Regular cleaning can prevent it from causing problems. The dryer uses a vent system. Most dryer fires are caused by the lack of cleaning this dryer vent out. A dryer vent that is neglected can be both dangerous and can cause the appliance to need earlier repairs. Your electric or gas dryer should last 13 years before you have to think about replacing it.

Oven repairs. The oven is a necessity in many homes. With a properly working oven, you would be forced to eat meals out of the microwave. The oven is a source of cooking for many families. Most repairs with the over require a professional. However, proper and regular cleaning of the oven can increase the amount of years that it lasts. Many ovens today even have self cleaning options.

refrigerator repairs. Without a refrigerator, all of the groceries purchased would spoil. It would make eating and cooking at home very difficult. The refrigerator is also needed for keeping milk and eggs fresh. There are many parts of the refrigerator that can require repair. 28% of refrigerators with top or bottom freezers with icemakers break within three to four years. The icemakers are used often and may cause problems. Being gentler and using the icemaker less frequently can prolong the needed repairs of this unit.

A home is made up of many appliances. Some of these appliances are necessary, whereas others are simply used to make a job easier. When an appliance breaks, a professional service contract is generally needed, such as with dishwasher repairs. However, if homeowners take better care and properly clean their appliances, they are likely to notice that they will require less repairs.
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