From Perching on Rocks and Stools to Modern Leather Furniture

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When designing your home, you know what you like and what you don’t. Maybe you have an eye for design and maybe you hand the reins over to a friend, capable family member, your spouse or an interior designer. Quite a lot of thought, deliberation, and maybe some trial and error goes into perfectly furnishing a space with all the right pieces, but have you ever thought about how we developed from sitting on rocks in caves to deciding what modern leather furniture best goes with the color of those walls?

The journey to modern leather furniture

So you are looking for high end contemporary furniture. You want the space you are filling to be welcoming but to also fit your style. The perfectly furnished room, with modern and contemporary furniture that helps to express your style to guests and is also helps to culminate in an overall atmosphere that is the perfect place to come home to as your sanctuary. It might sound simple enough, but finding the right true contemporary furniture is very often more easily said than done. There is an abundance of modern home furniture available to choose from, and narrowing it down can be tricky. But once you have found the ideal modern leather furniture pieces to fill your space it will all be worth it.

So how did we get to modern leather furniture from the rustic simplicities that first appeared as societies began to evolve? To understand that, it requires a look back at the origins of basic furniture, that cool modern furniture may sometimes be reminiscent to, but has definitely evolved since.

Taking a look back to the beginnings

The understanding of where our furniture developed from can begin with a look at the words themselves that are used to describe where we choose to rest. For example, “sofa” is derived from an Arabic word that means “bench.” The earliest sofa that we know of dates all the way back to 2000 B.C. in Egypt, where the modern language was influenced by an array of Arabic languages. And couches, which were originally more like daybeds and used for reclining purposes, comes from the Old French term that, not surprisingly, means “to recline.”

Chairs have also undergone a few transformations, as they were mostly used in medieval times by nobility, most obviously for royalty in the form of thrones. Those who were not blessed with those higher ranks in society often sat on the floor or stools that did not have backs on them. In fact the word “chairman” developed from this societal norm of only those deemed important enough having an elevated and more comfortable place to sit.
As for those office chairs that you couldn’t imagine working without, Charles Darwin could be credited for that invention, as he attached wheels to his armchair to better allow him to move around the office viewing specimens.

And it was at about this time that modern furniture began to develop and become more popularly demanded and produced.

When did furniture start to become modern?
What we affectionately call modern furniture today started in the late 19th century, and was and is heavily influenced by the modernist style. This style, and the movement behind it, can best be described as revolutionary instead of evolutionary, and can be seen in music, culture, art, and design, as it disregards realism and traditions. In their place you find the unexpected in the form of discontinuity or disruption in design. This type of furniture usually flaunts simple and clean straight lines and fabrics as opposed to heavy or ornately and excessively decorated pieces. These clean designs bring a simple beauty into the home.

However you decide to furnish your sanctuary, you will be able to relax in a space that perfectly fits you. Or at least that fits you much better than the floor or stools that the lower classes used to have to perch on.

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