Exciting Changes Coming to the Agricultural Industry

June 3, 2016 by No Comments

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Pretty soon, drones will probably be more common than squirrels. They are already being used for recreational purposes, but they will soon be used commercially as well.

Despite the fact that agricultural managers are projected to decline two percent by 2024, the future of the agro-industry looks like it will be just fine.

PHYS reports that a new device could be changing the agro-world for the better.

Gamaya recently raised $3.2 million to create an automatic, aerial system with video surveillance technology, which is also known as a drone.

The agriculture drone utilizes a mini-hyperspectral camera — along with other artificial intelligence — to determine specific information about the health of crops. The drone can also make sure that pesticides, fertilizer and various other treatments are being used correctly.

The camera can expand the color spectrum so that it can detect infrared-like wavelengths from plants and other aspects of agricultural land. A healthy plant, for instance, would reflect a different spectral color than that of a stress induced plant. The drone possesses a large database of signal variations.

“It could boost profits by up to 30% by helping farmers quickly and accurately resolve problems,” Yosef Akhtman, Gamaya’s CEO, said. “This system’s ability to enhance efficiency in crop treatment could also help address the main challenge awaiting agriculture.”

Akhtman believes that the future of the agro-industry is in danger because of the increasing demand for crops. The future, without new technology like this, could have many problems for crop producers.

“We will have to produce as much food between now and 2050,” Akhtman added, “as we did over the past 10,000 years combined.”

It’s an important and scary time for sure, but it’s still an exciting time to enter into the agriculture industry.

There are cattle ranches for sale and other beautiful pieces of property for sale all over the United States. In 1988, when Ted Turner purchased a 100,000-acre ranch in Montana for more than $20 million, he broke the mold for other prospective agricultural land buyers.

Over the last 75 years, conservation easement has been placing restrictions of pieces of property so that their resources are protected. This is great for cattle ranches across the U.S. as well as various other properties.

The future of agriculture might be all drones in the next 100 years. But while it’s still run by American citizens, it’s time to get some high-quality cattle ranches, luxurious farmland, and any other form of agro land and start producing!

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