Anyone Can Get Locked Out of Their Home, Even if it is Big and White

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In Beijing in 2005, President George W. Bush found himself in a bit of a precarious position when he tried to open a locked door after a press conference. After returning home from a five day trip to Latin America, President Obama tried to enter the White House only to find that he had been locked out, all while being photographed.

“The problem was apparently somebody didn’t tell the staff that the president was coming back to work. The doors were locked. The commander in chief didn’t miss a beat. He nonchalantly turned and walked to another set of doors partially obscured by some flowering spring bushes,” CNN White House Producer Lisa Jansen said.

Pictures of the scene were silly, and Obama might have been able to just laugh it off. But getting locked out of your home, especially if you don’t live in the White House, can be a serious hassle, especially if nobody is inside to let you in. If that happens, you might have to call professional locksmith services to see if they can pick a lock or make you a new key.

Sometimes, when you get locked out, you might have no choice but to bust open a screen and climb in through the window, which might be the fastest, albeit destructive, way to get in. But if you can’t reach the window or simply don’t want to make a repair later on, calling local locksmiths is a better option. They should be able to get to your home quickly and make a prompt decision about how best to get you inside. Getting locked out is always a pain, so emergency locksmiths who can get you inside quickly are a great resource.

Since there are more than two million residential break ins reported every year in the United States, you might need locksmith services to better protect your home. The best ones will not only be able to help when you get locked out, but also sell security products and upgrade locks to help prevent break ins. That can help provide the peace of mind you need to know that the only problem you’ll have with your front door is getting in.

Getting locked out is common, even if you are the President of the United States. While Bush and Obama probably didn’t have to do so much as pick up the phone, when you get locked out, calling a professional who provides locksmith services is a good idea. It is the best way to get back in your home quickly without busting open a window and acting like an intruder yourself. Reference links.

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