Oh, How We Need Air Conditioners!

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In a tropical climate, it is nearly impossible to live without air conditioning. Over the years, air conditioners have been the most popular way to keep a home or building cool during hot summer months, or in year round hot climates. Willis Carrier invented the first modern air conditioner back in 1902, for a company in Brooklyn. About 50 years later more than a million residential air conditioning units were sold.

Today, these units often run 24 hours a day during the hottest months of the year. Most units are fitted with coils and air filters that cool the air while filtering out from dust and allergens. Modern air conditioners come with a thermostat that is programmable so that you can set the temperature of your home to different degrees based on the time of day. For example, if no one is at home during the day, there is no need for your air conditioning unit to be cooling the air at an extremely low temperature.

Additionally, about half of all electricity and energy use in America, is coal-generated. Newer air conditioning units are much more eco-friendly and use less energy. This can be helpful, as heating and cooling often comprise about 45% of the average household’s energy bill.

Because air conditioners are constantly running in some homes and many buildings, their air filters can easily become clogged, or damaged. Air conditioner repair services can be scheduled to do routine check ups on a unit, clear out the air filter, and check for any malfunctioning parts. Air conditioner repair services often recommend that homeowners and building maintenance personnel change their air filter every 3 months to ensure a high level of air quality and cooling. The excess dust and allergens collected on a filter are often the main reason for an air conditioner’s malfunction.

It is especially important to complete air conditioner repairs as soon as possible in cities that experience waves of extreme heat. As writer Robert Heinlein said, “Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get.” You may think you know what to expect in these tropical locations, but the weather could change dramatically in an instant. Either way, be prepared with a functioning air conditioner. More research here.

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