What to Do With Water Damaged Carpets

October 17, 2013 by No Comments

Water damage of any type can be bad news for homeowners. Water intrusion is among the most common insurance claims filed across the country as it includes not just regional flooding but other instances such as leaky roofs and faulty pipes. Even minor water damage can lead to expensive work such as basement ceiling repair, wall, and floor repairs, and structural repair work as well.

Everything from sewage and black water flood damage to intrusion from floodwaters or flooding caused by burst pipes ad bad plumbing can cause problems within the home. There are many hidden dangers of water damage that most people do not think about. Mold, structural damage, wall rot, bad odors, and more can linger for weeks or months after a water intrusion event.

Flood cleanup

This is why water damage restoration and remediation services are a must. Professional services like this will work to dry out your home, assess the damage, and repair and replace damaged components. Ensuring your home is safe following water damage is vital to not only protect your home and possessions but to keep you and your family safe and healthy!

If you have a water damaged carpet, the first 24-48 hours are critical. Knowing the steps to take in the early stages of water damage can help you to salvage as much of your carpet as possible, and avoid a potentially more hazardous situation.

  • Shut It Down. Immediately stop the the water, if you can. If the water is coming from a broken pipe or a leaking sink or toilet, close the nearest valves and the valves closest to the water main (usually in the basement). If the source can’t be stopped, remove everything you can from the room. For any piece of large furniture that you can’t move out, place plastic wrap or tinfoil between the feet and the carpet.
  • Fix the leak. Leaking pipes need to be fixed right away. If you successfully stopped the water from accumulating any further, you can tell the plumber exactly which pipe has the problem. If the water is still coming in, it may take them a little longer to isolate the source.
  • Call the pros. Professional carpet cleaning companies provide emergency water damage services, often within only a couple hours of the call. They will come to your house, assess the damage, and immediately start the cleanup process. Carpet and padding will be removed and dried, and flooring and walls will be dehumidified and cleaned. Every attempt will be made to prevent further damage and salvage what can be salvaged from the incident.

Time is key for every stage of water damage services. The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll have to replace your carpet, and the more likely you’ll be to invite mold and rot into the floorboards beneath. Call the professionals the moment you spot a problem. You don’t have any time to lose. Good refereneces.

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