Shave Hundreds of Dollars Off Energy Bills

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Heating and cooling repair

Did you know that Albert Einstein confessed that, given the chance to do it all over again, he would be a plumber? Shortly following Einstein’s admission, the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union inducted him as an honorary member. Today, local hvac companies keep water flowing in and out of our homes, heat our homes in the winter, and keep them cool in the summer months. It is safe to say that we would be pretty lost without them. When should homeowners call local heating and cooling companies?

Plumbing Maintenance

The world’s most famous plumbers, Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi, are never seen actually doing any sort of plumbing. Luckily, local plumbers mend leaks, pipes, and help you conserve money, time, and energy. Leaky faucets result in more than 2,160 gallons of wasted water per year, and the average copper pipes are not well-insulated. Plumbers can fix leaky faucets, prevent heat loss from pipes, and help you shave money off your energy bills. How?

A HVAC service company can help you insulate pipes, trapping heat and reducing your overall energy costs. The very same contractors can also install energy efficient hot water heaters, which can reduce water and energy bills by as much as 25%.

Efficient Air Conditioning

Air conditioned movie theaters continued to thrive, even in the midst of the Great Depression. The reason? With over two-thirds of American homes using central air conditioning, it is pretty clear. People will go through great lengths to stay cool and comfortable. What many do not realize is that a quality air conditioners filter air, promoting good health. Air conditioning can help eliminate allergens, making them especially useful for hay fever sufferers and asthmatics. Air conditioning and cooling is even responsible for maintaining medication temperatures, and helping them work most effectively. Insulin is one of the most widely used meds that benefits from cooling.

Heating and cooling services can help clean air conditioners, install central air, or even assist with central air repair, keeping you cool and comfortable, while breathing in cleaner air.

Call local heating and cooling companies to help you keep plumbing in top shape, conserve water, and curb energy costs. Keep in mind that the very same company can help repair or install air conditioners, keeping you cool, comfy, and allergen-free.

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