How Clean Is Your AC? How Well Does It Run?

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Do you realize the amount of work and ingenuity that air conditioning companies put into their devices? An air conditioner is a complex machine, and as such, needs to be taken care of regularly. Think about it like your vehicle. You take that in to be maintained on a regular basis. Your AC unit deserves the same treatment, lest you face the need for AC repair.

  • Your Air Conditioner
  • There are a lot of working, moving parts inside of the AC. There is an air intake portion that sucks in air, so that it can treat it and project it from the other side.

    As the machine pulls in air from its surroundings, it runs the air through a filter that strains out any gunk from bigger leaves that may have been sucked in, all the way down to tiny particles of dirt, dust, and other detritus.

    This process may seem simple, but is actually very important in terms of the overall health and longevity of the air conditioner itself.

  • How To Treat It
  • Because of those sensitive moving parts in there, your AC should be cleaned at least once a year. Right before the heat starts, you should have the AC maintenance folks out to take a look at the machine and give it the annual once-over.

    This includes taking out anything that will have accumulated during last year’s run, plus anything that may have found its way in over the winter, even if it was wrapped up tightly.

    The maintenance man can also clean or replace the air filter as needed, and even diagnose any potential problem areas that may occur later on. A simple fix while he is out will be a lot easier than an emergency one in the middle of the heat wave.

  • Why?
  • When your machine is dirty, that additional grit and gunk can find its way into the working parts. Not only does it begin to wear down those parts, but it makes the machine work harder. The same can be said for the air filter. The more clogged that it is, the harder it has to work in order to draw in that air.

    And the harder that the machine works, the more wear-and-tear those poor parts feel, and the more energy it consumes in order to function. All of this combined could lead to some unexpected air conditioning repairs, or even worse, an entire air conditioning replacement.

Do not think that, just because your AC is working fine one day, that it will continue to do so indefinitely. It could be perfect one day, and then die on you the next if the conditions are right. As long as you take care of it, see that it is well-maintained on a regular basis, it should last you just fine. Check out this website for more: Air conditioning repair tempe References: Air conditioning repair tempe

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