Make a Great First Impression With a Stellar Exterior Paint Job

September 17, 2013 by 2 Comments

When you have decided to paint your home, you may want to talk to an exterior painter who knows a lot about different paint brands and how they each wear on a home. Your painter will know the best exterior paint brand for aluminum siding if that is what you have on the outside of your home. They should also know the best exterior paint and primer in one so that your home’s paint job won’t take any longer than is necessary. The best exterior paint company will be one that can produce both soft and rich colors well so that you’re proud of the way your home looks.

If you paid attention to the 2020 exterior paint trends, you probably saw a lot of neutrals in those colors. Neutrals are always in style, and they often make the best house colors because they go with just about anything. Many homeowners’ associations actually require that the homes in the subdivision be painted in neutral colors so that none of the houses clashes with the other houses. If you have a few colors to choose from, take the time to make the choice so that you won’t regret that choice later.

Residential painting

Did you know that 75% of homeowners wish that they could have more color in their homes? So much attention is given to interior painting, that we often forget that the first impression comes from the outside of the house. A Sherwin Williams home color survey found that 15% of homes are desperately in need of house exterior painting. Hiring professional painting services to repaint your exterior is a great way to incorporate more color.

Here are three exterior paint schemes for houses that will inspire house exterior painting ideas in any homeowner.

  • A summer home look.

If you want to get the feeling that you have just stepped off the beach, then you will want to choose warm, tropical colors. Go for a predominantly khaki yellow exterior with accents and trims in white and moss green. This color combination looks right at home in the Florida Keys, or in a beach side neighborhood in the Carolinas. Pinks and oranges are also commonly associated with the look of a summer home.

  • A Victorian look.

There are many historical color combinations for Victorian houses, but one very classic look relies on a predominantly blue exterior. The main color should be a blue-gray, with doors and accents in burnished mahogany, and white trim. Classic Victorian colors are well documented, and should be easy to find online and in color inspiration books. If the historical accuracy of the color is of no consequence, then take a drive through a small rural town in upstate New York. You should easily spot the Victorian houses with their fascinating color combinations, bay windows, dentils, columns, and porticos.

  • An eclectic look.

If you want your home to really stand out, but still look respectable, then the secret lies in using different trim colors. First, make sure that most of the exterior paint is a white linen color. Pale purple accents and a combination of purple and linen used in the trim will set your house apart from standard white and brown, or white and green trimmed homes. Another great eclectic look is achieved by combining a peachy pink color to the main exterior, and accenting that with sage, bronze, and beige trims.

Look at popular color combinations from paint websites, or speak to professionals to get their opinion on what would look best with your house. Getting new house exterior painting is a great way to bring more color into your home and also breathe new life into your exterior. Remember, a good exterior paint job can incorporate strong colors with the form and shape of your house so that it looks natural, and stylish. To see more, read this.

2 Replies to “Make a Great First Impression With a Stellar Exterior Paint Job”

  1. Rick Gonzales says:

    Is it just me, or is there almost nothing more fun than looking at paint swatches? I love mixing and matching to get an idea for new projects.

  2. Joan Wells says:

    Is it just me, or is there almost nothing more fun than looking at paint swatches? I love mixing and matching to get an idea for new projects.

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