Four Steps to Take for Flood Damage Fort Myers

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Water damage fort myers

Unfortunately, dealing with flood damage is often an eventual part of being a homeowner, especially for people who live in coastal areas or at low elevation points. What are several steps you need to take, and things you need to keep in mind, while dealing with flood damage Fort Myers?

First, keep in mind that water damage fort myers often affects more areas than you realize, and can have long lasting effects on your home and quality of living. Stagnant water or moist carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria as well as molds and fungi. Molds unfortunately have a habit of forming where it is difficult to see them, behind walls and underneath carpets for example, since these places tend to be dark and more humid than the rest of your house. If you have had flood damage fort myers, it is almost certain you have mold somewhere, and you can get a qualified professional to advise you how to remove it.

Second, water removal Fort Myers is important, but should be done with caution. If you notice that flooding is occurring, shut off all the power sources you can in order to prevent it from spreading, but be careful about approaching any electrical items, as the combination of electricity and water can easily cause electrocution. If you are unsure about the safety of approaching a flooded area, just wait for an expert.

Third, if you have many things sitting on the floor, move them to higher ground as soon as possible. Though by the time flooding is happening it is usually too late to save carpets or wood floors, it is still possible to save bookcases, tables, chairs, et cetera that were caught sitting on top of the water. Make sure you air out these items in a dry place, and if you see at any point that mold is forming, discard the furniture if you can remove it. Though insurance usually covers flood damage Fort Myers, it is best to minimize the loss as much as possible.

Fourth, if you are planning to submit insurance claims, take many pictures to record your water damage cape coral or flood damage Fort Myers as soon as it happens. These will be useful in establishing how far the water reached, as well as which items it ruined.

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