Patio Cover Ideas (Everything You Need to Know)

April 12, 2024 by No Comments

When it comes to patio covers, you want to be sure that you choose an option that works for your backyard’s aesthetic and the overall appearance of your house to make the most of your curb appeal. A patio cover company can help you choose the right one if you’re unsure about your options. Fortunately, in this video, an instructor goes over various patio cover ideas that can help to transform your space.

There are different ways you can do a patio cover.

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Some homeowners attach them directly to their homes, but you can also use detached patio covers that are their own free-standing structures. Others you can include as a type of deck, like a pergola. If you’re unsure which of these types is ideal for your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to your patio cover company. Open-air pergolas are very affordable, which makes them appealing to homeowners on a budget.

An important thing you want to think about if you’re unsure about attaching your patio cover to your home is to consider the style of the building. Don’t force a gable if you have a hip-ridge-style home. The different lines will look unappealing and could hurt your curb appeal. Step back and take a close look at the lines that your home has. Are there angles or straight lines? You’ll want your patio cover style to match. Once you know the style, you can consider how you’ll want to attach the patio cover to your home. If you have an A-frame, you may want to consider putting an A-frame above that area.

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