Indicators of Great Mattress Protectors

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A good mattress is a big investment not only in terms of dollars and cents but also in the time you spend using it and the value it needs to provide. To that end, the bedding industry has developed a number of different mattress protectors. To learn more about these valuable products, check out this helpful video from Mattress Clarity.

There are many types and quality levels to choose from when buying a mattress protector.

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But which is best for you?

How to Choose the Best Mattress Protectors

The best mattress protector for you is the one that protects against the kinds of damage your mattress is most likely to suffer from. Katie of Mattress Clarity talks about all the different types of mattress protectors. But here are a few more things to look out for.

Strength: The protector should be strong and durable. It should not deform under pressure.

Cooling Properties: Ideally, good mattress protectors conduct heat away from the body and don’t have a plastic-y feel.

Waterproofing: If waterproofing is what you’re looking for, then the protector needs to be watertight and durable.

Quiet Sleeping: A good product won’t make noise when you move in bed. This can be a tough match with waterproof models, but it’s still a necessity.

Be sure to check back with Mattress Clarity for more important information before you invest in new bedding.

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