Common Home Repairs and Easy Fixes

March 3, 2022 by No Comments

We all have little issues around our houses. Maybe it’s a squeaky cabinet, a fridge that freezes things put in the back of it, or a toilet that makes an obnoxiously loud noise when you flush it. Things break; it’s just life. Some problems have obvious fixes, such as a broken garage door requiring a garage door repair service. But for other small projects, some homeowners feel embarrassed having a professional driving all the way to their house for a tiny, yet irritating, problem.

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Well fear not! This video shows you many little DIY home repair hacks you can use to prevent that dreaded call.

An easy fix for squeaky doors, cabinets, or anything with a hinge is to go right to the kitchen and use your cooking spray as lubricant. Filling in nail holes you are no longer using is very easy as well. Instead of going through the trouble of mixing and painting plaster, simply use a crayon of a similar color to fill in the whole with wax. If your floorboards are squeaky, a fix could be as simple as filling the hole between the boards with baby powder! Always research a home improvement problem before calling a professional. It may be much easier to fix yourself!


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