Dream Master Bedroom Designs: 12 Styles You Can Choose From

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Your master bedroom is a sanctuary and an escape from reality. It is where you go to relax after a long day, and it’s only right that the room should match your personality and tastes. Deciding on designing your master bedroom can be challenging, especially if you are unsure where to start. There are tons of ideas ranging from flooring options to eclectic decorations, but only you will know what is best. Consider choosing from these 12 dream master bedroom designs to get started.


A contemporary bedroom does not have to be boring and dry. In fact, they are quite popular because these styles focus on rounded lines with bold colors that are incorporated with natural elements. Many of the designs are tone-on-tone that incorporate a lot of brown, cream, and white colors. The styles are focused primarily on the second half of the 20th century, and you can liven up your dream master bedroom designs with a piece of contemporary art.

A fine piece of contemporary art can add a lot of character and uniqueness to your room, and there are many famous contemporary artists out there if you are unsure of what pieces to purchase. Furniture has smooth lines, and it is mainly constructed from lighter-colored woods such as birch. Contemporary designs are great options for rooms with large windows. You’ll enjoy sitting on your bed on a late summer evening with the natural sunlight accentuating the open spaces of the room.


A cottage is not just for Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Creating the ideal cottage theme is not easy to pull off, but you will have the cozy and comfortable paradise you desire with some innovation. Use a basic design that focuses on soft colors to create that ideal look. Much of the furniture in cottage dream master bedroom designs is stained with soft or curved edges. Also, wicker is a popular choice for furniture selection, and many people use designed quilts or blankets to lay over top of them to add comfort.

The cottage vibe should not be ornate, as the goal is a simplistic and relaxing appeal. However, knickknacks of old toys or jewelry boxes are a great way to liven up the living space. Natural light is a hallmark of cottage master bedrooms, so you’ll need to hire a tree trimming service to ensure your trees are pruned at the correct length and angle. A cottage-themed master bedroom is perfect for a cold winter night to snuggle and drink a warm cup of hot cocoa.


Who wouldn’t want to have the feeling of escaping to a beach retreat? Out of these dream master bedroom designs, a beach theme is a fun one. With the right touch, you will feel like the waves are crashing right in front of you. There is something about the lure of the beach that we love, and being able to replicate that environment is something special. Whether you live in a tropical environment or experience the four seasons, a beach-themed paradise is a great option.

Beach options do not have to be over the top, and you should focus on incorporating distressed wood and natural elements. One option is using seagrass integrated into your headboard or window blinds. Artwork that incorporates sea life is inexpensive and can add that extra flair that you are looking for. You could also incorporate beach themes in your design with ocean colors or coral-themed bedding. Coral, oyster and seashells, and starfish accents are a great way to incorporate the beach on a tight budget. Blue and white are the hallmark colors of a beach bedroom, and the entire space will feel fresh and airy.


Traditional bedrooms are all about creating a room with dramatic ambiance, elegance, and charm. Of these dream master bedroom designs, a traditional design is more formal, but the bold colors and decorations create a welcoming and comfortable environment. Traditional options are a great choice because it’s not easy to make a mistake since most colors work in these bedrooms.

Bed frames with columns, storage benches at the foot of the bed, or a comfortable sitting area with grand leather chairs are quintessential to traditional designs. The room could also double as your office space, depending on the size. You will need to find furniture that matches the rest of your room. A classic wooden desk with vintage lamps is a great accent to a traditional bedroom space. Many designers use a dramatic touch to the room, such as crown molding or a stunning chandelier. You can really get creative and show your personality in a traditional master bedroom.


Modern dream master bedroom designs are simple, clean, and comfortable. The designs differ from contemporary styles in that they are the most current and popular selections. Modern designs are focused on the functionality of the room pieces versus the appearance. A modern master bedroom will almost certainly require a home remodeling to pull off the look you want.

The elements in the space are sophisticated, such as luxury natural stone or raised furniture pieces. Furniture and floors are usually lacquered and polished, with chrome and glass accents being the norm. You won’t find collectible pieces in a modern master bedroom. This style incorporates big paintings and prints that draw attention. If you want to avoid the “cookie-cutter” bedroom, a modern design could be exactly what you need.


If you describe yourself as free-spirited or adventurous, a Bohemian or “boho” master bedroom could be for you. One of the challenges with boho dream master bedroom designs is that there are no rules to follow, but there are some basics to get you started. Rattan or wicker furniture paired with Bohemian rugs guide the design. You can also look at adding a hanging or lounging chair to create a relaxing appeal. You’ll want to incorporate a cool fixture, too, such as a beaded chandelier.

Whether you tackle the project yourself or hire a professional for the lighting installation, it can really give you the distinct look that you want. The boho style is also big on nature and plants. Ferns, succulents, and cacti spread throughout the room are characteristic of this style. They can go in any spot you like and in any arrangement. Beds for Bohemian master bedrooms are usually low profile or platform beds. Bedding does not have the tight and crisp lines like other bedroom designs, and you’ll be delighted with untucked sheets.

Farmhouse Chic

The farmhouse look doesn’t only have to be for those that live on a farm or rural area. The farmhouse dream master bedroom designs incorporate a bit of a traditional look coupled with a country style. The living space is cozy and comfortable, and it has ample space to navigate throughout the room. The items inside the master bedroom are usually antiques or memorabilia that have a strong nostalgic value to them.

A great way to pull farmhouse life into your space is by adding animal-themed artwork. A fireplace creates an emblazoned feel, but you can install a faux fireplace if you are not lucky to have one already. Walls of the farmhouse chic style are usually made out of shiplap and bright white color. Nothing says farmhouse like a vintage quilt. Whether you purchase one that looks old or you get lucky and find one at an antique store, quilts are a defining piece of your room.

Another common piece is a traditional rocking chair. Reading stories to your children at night makes the space that much more memorable. A sliding barn door is a piece that will complete the transformation of your living space, and it is a good option if you have a smaller room. One of the challenges to a farmhouse chic look is the dominance of white and soft color accents. Make sure to invest in a good washer and dryer to clean those white sheets!

Earth Lover

If you love the natural look and neutral colors with a rustic feel, an earth lover design could be for you. Earthy dream master bedroom designs are inspired by nature and have lots of plants. There are many ideas to pull nature into your room and create an “outdoor” oasis. Here are some tips.

Create a space for yoga or meditation. A large rug with warm and inviting colors is a great escape from the stresses of life. Try framing wildflowers or pressed plants to add an elegant touch to the room. Use sheet curtains as drapes to give you the feeling of sleeping outdoors. Hang artwork with nature-inspired themes, including maps, feathers, or pictures of your favorite hiking location. Wood bowls, wicker baskets, and stoneware are great elements to include in your design, too.

Bold and Metallic

Dream master bedroom designs that are bold and bright will catch the attention of any inhabitant. The bold and metallic look will be more difficult to pull off, but you should have luxury and comfort as the main goal of any masterpiece design. With some bold colors and accent pieces, your room will be visually appealing and stunning. A metallic wall paint that incorporates a design is a great idea to make the room pop. There are various wall stencils to meet the design that you desire. You can showcase various items on fancy shelves, from your wedding ring to sentimental gifts to create additional spunk.


Country dream master bedroom designs are a popular choice because they are extremely versatile. Not only will your design last for a long time, but it is a peaceful and relaxing retreat. Nothing says country more like red, white, and blue. The interior of your room might remind you of a parade from the Fourth of July, and it’s without question that an American Flag will need to be hung. A proper choice is to drape the flag on the wall behind your bedroom wall. Checkers and stripes are also commonly associated with country themes. Chairs, drapes, pillows, and bedding that incorporate these patterns create a sophisticated interior.

Asian Inspired

You can also choose an Asian-inspired bedroom theme. These rooms almost have a sense of magic with their peaceful and soothing tranquility. These master bedrooms have a lot of decorative elements and no clutter. The minimalist mentality is meant to highlight the importance of positive energy and relaxation. Futons and bamboo mats are a good addition to Asian themes.

The walls are usually light white or beige color with dark wood floors to contrast them. Asian themes are heavy on floral prints, trees, and birds. Popular plant selections include bamboo and bonsai trees. The furniture in Asian rooms is low to the ground with sharp and simple lines. Asian rooms also hide storage wardrobes and chests behind screens. You may need to go to a store specializing in oriental designs to get all the pieces you need.


Do you spend a lot of time at sea or love the water? Nautical dream master bedroom designs give you a taste of the sailor’s life without seasickness. These patterns are generally navy blue and white and use various sea elements to tie everything together. You can try placing wooden oars above your headboard or adding a rustic chandelier with rope accents. Other ideas include a captain’s wheel, fishnet, or fish decals. Another creative idea is adding nautical window coverings to give you the feeling of being at sea. An aquarium is a unique addition to your room if you have space and want to commit to maintenance.

The master bedroom should be your favorite place in your home because you spend the most time in it. No other space is designed primarily for you, and it is where you can let your personality shine. Pick one of these dream master bedroom designs that you can execute in a decent timeframe and within an appropriate budget. Any choice you make is a great one because it is your reflection, time, and energy that you invested in making the space yours!

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