Furniture Shopping at a Mattress Store

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Why should you be looking for your bed at a mattress store? While you can find mattresses, beds, dresses, and other bedroom items at a furniture store, you’ll get a much wider selection when you go to a mattress store. You can actually test out mattresses by laying on them and seeing how they feel when you’re at the store. You can even look at and test specialty mattresses and mattresses made with different materials and technology. You can also find various furniture and bedroom sets at a mattress store. These stores specialize in bedrooms and many of them go beyond providing mattresses to offer much more.

What Makes a Mattress Store Different?

Mattress stores are not the same as furniture stores. Yes, you can find bedroom sets and bedroom furniture at furniture stores. However, furniture stores have to use a lot of their space to showcase furniture for other rooms of the home too. At a mattress store, everyone’s going to be about the bedroom. You can shop here for beds, nightstands, and other bedroom furniture at a mattress store, in addition to the mattress you want to buy. You can even find lamps and decorative options for the bedroom t a mattress store, and potentially design the whole room while you’re here.

However, mattress stores are totally focused on their main item: mattresses. You can find them in all sizes and styles here, made with all sorts of different technology. When you go to the mattress store, you have the option of laying down on mattresses to see how they feel for yourself. You can try dozens of different mattresses, if you like, n until you find the one that’s right for you. You’ll find a much bigger selection of mattresses here. However, you may find a bigger selection of beds at a dedicated furniture store.

Pre-Shopping For Your New Bed

Do you need to go to a mattress store or a furniture store? If you have an idea of the type of mattress you want and it’s a name brand, you may be able to buy this mattress pretty easily at a furniture store or have it ordered by the store. But if you don’t know what type of mattress you may want to buy, it’s better to go ao dedicated mattress store so you can test several different types.

If you’re also looking for furnishings for your bedroom, you may need to visit furniture stores to complete the room. Make it easier on yourself by doing a little pre-shopping before you end up going to a bunch of different stores. May furniture stores and mattress stores have their own websites where you can actually look at pictures of their stock online and learn more about the specific brands they carry. Some stores actually specialize in a certain furniture manufacturer, like Monroe furniture stores that sell furnishings made by Monroe.

Take a look at furniture and mattress stores near you to see what they carry and see if anything strikes you. If you find that you practically like furniture from one specific manufacturer or designer, make a note of the name so that you can look specifically at pieces from this maker when you go to the furniture store to do your actual shopping.

Choosing the Right Store

There are lots of different furniture stores out there and so many options, it can be a little overwhelming. The global market value of furniture is expected to reach $654.6 billion by 2025. Your pre-shopping will definitely point you in the right direction. Perform an internet search of “furniture store near me” to find out what’s available in your local area. You want to choose a furniture store or mattress store that’s near your home. After all, everything you buy is going to have to be transported to your home!

After you find local mattress stores and furniture stores that are close to you and you do some pre-shopping to get an idea of what they have available, one or two of these stores will very likely stand out to you. This is where you need to go when you’re ready to do some serious shopping and put together your room.

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